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Skip the Line Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Walking Tour

This post I am here with my private guide, Manuela, who’s going to show me all around this amazing structure, The Colosseum. This place is even more massive than I ever could’ve dreamed I’m told that about 50 to 80,000 people were in this stadium, all cheering on their favorite Gladiator. This is the moment when all the blood was boiling and the gladiators walked through these huge archways into the arena. Arena in Italian, in means sand. The floor was made out of sand. The sand was used to absorb the blood. Not only did the gladiators fight themselves to the death, there were animals involved.

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They were all held down here, under the arena. They had trap doors that would shoot them up on the arena floor, and they would battle to the death. So Manuela, what is this beautiful arch right here? Arch of Costantine was the first piece of lumbar. Lumbar will legalize the Christianism. In this case, we are appreciating the celebration of his power has and effort. Back in the day, people would look out over this and they’d see chariots and all the old structures still intact. This post you see civilization, but it is still beautiful. It’s crazy to think that this place has been around for 2,000 years and still stands today right in the heart of Rome. Manuela, thank you so much for this tour of the Colosseum. It blew away all of my expectations.

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