Hanging in Phnom Penh

So we are getting breakfast at the top of the hotel everything in the menu is super cheap not as cheap as last night where everything was a dollar but you can get like french toast for two dollars you can get a sandwich with chicken. And cheese for three dollars shakes are one dollar.

So we just checked out of our hotel. And, we’re now heading to Phnom Penh. So he was tuk-tuk to picked us up.

And they’ll be driving us to a bus he’ll be on the bus for about 7 hours. I guess would have been amazing to have a guy but you know then you cannot do without a guidance what’s the point of seeing the field knowing where, we’re at first stop everything is $1.00 you’re not sure how much something, it’s in Cambodia you’re good to guess $1.

00, it’s almost everything’s one u.s. dollar people behind the desk, we’re selling all this stuff for like five years old they’re like cutting up mangoes.

And and giving us change there’s kind of weird thing than the felt kinda wrong but, we’re about two hours away from stomping disordered fried rice. And chicken which, I’m really excited oh no Brian here has been really gloomy in Southeast Asia but today’s just very overcast certain areas where was actually raining pretty hard our bus got stopped by like a bunch of cattle they got in the middle of the road. And blocked it off oh yeah from what.

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I can see the main roads kind of taking us through Cambodia a little bit, it’s very very primitive very basic all the roads are dirt. And even like most people’s homes are just set up on dirt, it’s very very very basic. And this is fried rice.

And chicken. And have not had this in a while. So, I’m super excited they don’t have in the Philippines.

I missed it from Thailand this is like a daily meal for me just got dropped off being hustled by some car drivers typical suited to get dropped off in any destination everyone tries to take advantage you don’t know where you are usually a tourist willing to pay a bit more, we’re trying to get our titles fair down from $1 to cut two cents have negotiations are going well we just checked into a hostel we have beds for three US dollars a night. And which is often how it goes actually, it’s really cool we were able to get the tuk-tuk down to 50 Cent’s. So Cambodia.

And Poonam pin is off to a cheap start right now, we’re heading out now, we’re gonna go get some beards. And then we’ll see where the night goes from there. And there’s a dog this restaurant has little papers everywhere.

And napkins are just thrown for the hide. And they’re not cleaning it they’re just like full dust bin of it hi dad not to get any paper stuck to your feet 75 cents for beer. And a dollar 50 for the meal cheep-cheep we went to a couple buyers tonight got a few dreams.

And now, we’re gonna head back. So, we’re going back pretty early tonight but tomorrow morning we want to get a good look around film pen. And we actually have to get our Vietnamese camp our vietnamese visa going because the vietnamese visa unlike most Southeast Asian countries you actually have to prepare.

And the Kabat process before showing up to the country because most countries like Cambodia Thailand Philippines whatever you can just show up to the country. And then get it taken care of at the actual border or the airport but Vietnam you have to be prepared. So we’ll get it processed while, we’re here in film pen.

I think Phenom pen from what. I’ve read online is the world or is the cheapest place to get it done. So yeah hopefully you can get that done.

And process in the next couple days but other than that we’ll just be hanging out around Cambodia.

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