Hey guys from the gili ocean club right now just lounge by the pool gonna get some bestest let’s get the day started morning Abby flap morning Phil. So I just paid a hundred thousand eighteen or eight US. And I’m doing a Gilly island tour today with actually a couple of girls who.

I met on Island yesterday. So she actually knew me from my posts Abby is not joining us today. Because with the neck pinch thing going on she’s a little better.

But like still not doing that well. So she’s kind of like bedridden for the day which really sucks all right captain take it away we’re gonna be gone for the next five hours all around the Gili Island. So we’re going to gili area gili meno, and Gilly TV right here we’re also traveling with what’s up guys Sandra Alexa, and if we just met these two sorry right man Ben ship number one is the shipwreck the passenger seat when crack room to the sky, and see me yes fine while you are quite the passenger seat no Billy ocean freeze are we on again Jessie we’re on another one of our famous midnight drives do you need to end or just a silence.


So all the fish. I underwater footage from today is going to come from the GoPro Hero 5 guys, and like this camera it’s just the all-in-one action cam. I love the fact that.

I can talk to the camera without taking it out of the waterproof casing. I can jump in the water right now, and not worry about that. So that’s pretty cool today’s is gonna look a lot like this to the sky, and see me while you are playing the presidency no feel the ocean breeze alright the Aussies are gonna be Ozzie’s one sec Oh Jesse Jesse if Islam going to the second diving spot where we’re supposedly going to be seeing sea turtles how are you doing Alexa she fell pretty hard.

But spirits are high. So guys we started right over there that’s gili t that right there is gili meno, and right down there you can’t really see it that’s gili air. So these are the three Gilley’s right here all very very close to each other saw three turtles, and that’s pretty much all there is to see here there’s not really any coral there’s a few fish in there.

But the turtles are really cool, and final dive site, and this is actually where they’re gonna be throwing in bread. So I think will be like a frenzy of beating butter is beautiful blue. I’m horrible backflips, and they terrify me.

But do one thing a day that’s scared here we go hi guys. So we just had lunch here at gili air, and we’re heading back on the boat now he is. So expensive comparing to the rest of Indonesia for food you’re looking at about five US dollars per meal which sounds like really cheap of course.

But you compare it to what you can get in Bali it’s a lot more beer to start around like 250 u.s. for a small bintang it’s definitely worth it you guys gotta check out the ghillies what was it almost a million almost a million visit Irondale we’re back guys about four, and a half maybe five hours later it’s like 3:30 right now we’re back in gili t, and it was a really really good day guys this was like 10 bucks canadian seven dollars u.

S., and they show you around like it’s just a good excuse to get out by no means is it the best snorkeling around the reefs were just pretty barren to be honest. But we did see turtles we saw fish, and we met cool people.

So guys if you’re coming to gili t pay 10 bucks go on the snorkeling trip, and for real though look at this water. I mean this is almost as clear as it gets, and we’re back at the gili Ocean Club doing good good day trip went to the islands yeah it was really nice Gilly Ocean Club it’s like a really nice small feel to it there’s only probably about eight or ten units in here got our own little pool breakfast area, and best of all the thing. I love most they have the fastest internet on the entire island.

I was really proud of myself. I was like today. I was in the Sun all day.

I did my best in lathering up. And I didn’t burn. I was like really excited about it, and then

I come back let me just. I’m more cooked than a turkey on Thanksgiving okay you can’t really see it. But anyways.

I only was able to get the Sun screen where. I can read for myself this is what happens when Abby doesn’t come with me on things. I can’t do my own back.

I can’t put sunscreen on my back, and now it’s cooked. So tomorrow. I’m gonna be wearing a shirt all day like this is what happens when you believe me.

I met you are people in the audience. I’m gonna be honest. I didn’t get around to finishing the blog yesterday.

But we had an amazing time we met up with the same girls, and guys from the boat, and Abby. And I had a few drinks we swam in the ocean all night like with everyone as a group it was so much fun, and we went to the bar, and they actually had these shots, and with the shots came these ginseng packet.

But the girls were saying that it’s the equivalent of for Red Bulls. And So you’d add this ginseng packet into your shot, and that’s kind of why. I didn’t finish the blog it was a lot of fun we had a really good time, and it was a really good night uh yeah.

So I’m gonna in the blog even though it’s the next day guys let’s get lost again tomorrow, and leave the post big thumbs up, and subscribe bye um oh the day.

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