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Hey guys it is day three here in while we’re leaving Edmonton. But day 3, and Alberta, and right now we’re off to meet me bison with fur in Elk Island just one hour outside of Edmonton it’s been a lot of fun we actually had the best time last night that was the highlight of Edna’s minimising it was just meeting probably about 15 to 20 people who came for a very semi-casual meet-up, and people were telling us the funniest stories look some people literally we’re like all right dude you gotta clock out for me, and they literally like dip from work came, and joined us one guy basically like baked the family emergencies like co-op you come down is like. I have to get out of work on to the next adventure alright.

We’ve arrived in Elk Island Park, and apparently this is the most populated place in the entire world by animals with clothes now. I don’t know who’s counting the hose. But somebody counted, and this is it now.

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. But word where does spread that Bear Grylls is here today, I’ll keep an eye open for him, and my team go that’s a good girl thank you unless you sure it makes a difference we will judge the boys. I’m like okay.

So I have like a million layers on right now. And I’m very content very happy. But it’s.

So beautiful out here we’re going to go hunt for some bison see what we can find okay. So I just got the guide to know how boy if a bison is going to kill you. And I’m just realizing now that it didn’t print properly this shows the way the tails position.

But it didn’t print properly. So we’re not going to know until it’s do it okay. So you’re allowed to get about three bus lengths away.

So we actually have a guy here he’s the bison whisperer. I don’t know yeah she was called that. But now he is he unfortunately had to swerve off the road, and hit the ditch in order to avoid hitting somebody else on the highway.

So he’s a little bit behind but I think he is still joining us. But in the meantime we’re going to show ourselves around the park lard you know any bison cold oh oh here they come all right third guide the question is years hey how you doing good.

I’m Christian right nice peach going. Because our babe where we doing we’re off to go find the Bison. I will hear the whisper.

So be careful whisper quiet this hearings very diligent. So we got us to this point, and it doesn’t look like there’s any advices we tried. So hard we got.

So far, and in the end didn’t even matter can. I tell you a joke did you know did you get my joke oh look at our Sh okay we’ll take all your jokes Disney’s okay. So what did the mall bison say to the baby by selling he is going to school bye son no he said.

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I was losing one part. So wild like the tractor over here just found some tracks where do you find the coyote once your biggest violin festival hey out no drugs Wow. And I spotted no help all right guys when hot pursuit of a bison no really basically don’t know if we’ll see you buy some today both there’s a chance.

So we’re going further into the park. I’m building up the truck yeah alright guys. So the parks guy has actually opened up the gate or as we like to call him the bison whisperer, and he’s giving us better shot of finding that evasive bison, and elk, and moose.

I’m really hoping we find something today they’ll be super discipline if we don’t don’t know by how harsh try one of the realities of going to national parks is that you’re seeing wider wide animals missing wild animals you never know like if they’re going to be there not today. We’ve been relatively unlucky. So far.

We’ve seen no Elks. And We’ve seen no islands, and our luck has turned though for the better we are about to show you a porcupine in a tree. I’ve got the 70-200 we’re ready to rock they stay a safe distance away from the quills, and let’s party why did the city country okay.

So getting up close to nil oh he doesn’t care we’re here we’re literally we surrounded him like not a mountain an intimidating way. But he didn’t even seem to care you just keeps chewing on the bark this is basically like Canada’s koala bear you know just grappling on if you get too close to its defensive mechanism it’s like turn its back to you, and then it somehow shoots out these like really sharp things like basically dogs sometimes will be known to chase them, and then come back with like all these little pics in their nose, and that’s the quills from the porcupine the pork is really cool holds this we go to live super hero, and mark aluminum liquidity you look cute little blonde oh wow don’t do that we’re back in Edmonton after unsuccessfully finding a bison see we have to go buy food at a restaurant we aren’t going to eat it Oh sounds like we’re done this is how they clear up the sidewalks they got like what looks like a lawnmower. So we’re going to try this place out it’s called blue plate diner.

So that sums illicit brunch at like 1:00 p.m. full.

I had to make Benny. But on it’s time to go we’re going to desperate. We’ve got about four, and a half hours to get to Jasper.

So that is where we’re off to next about an hour, and half maybe two hours. I don’t really know. I was knocked out.

But uh we’re a little bit closer, and we’re arriving there right now to piss stop all right guys. So we have just arrived basically on the edge of Jasper National Park, and unfortunately. I have some bad news.

I’m going to sugarcoat it with some good news after that the bad news is there is absolutely no flying of drones in Canadian national parks. But we have made our stops just before entering in the National Park. So I’m going to put up the drone, and that will be unfortunately probably the last drone flight that.

I could do this entire trip. We’ve got some other good things in store that are a bit of an alternative to the drone. So you’ll see [Laughter].

I was just telling Jeff. I’m like overwhelmed. Because like.

I see all these beautiful mountains like these beautiful pink. And I don’t know what to shoot. But luckily Jeff knows this area quite well.

So he’s going to be our guide today, and showing us the best Instagram location is that true that’s true five years yeah you know like the back of your hand alright we’re just about to cross the gate into the National Park. Because of Canada’s 150th birthday this year it’s actually free to go into all of our national parks. So happy birthday Canada what are we looking at here those they’re a bighorn sheep three sheep hi guys look at that oh my gosh it’s a bunch of them the whole crew Steve Irwin Philip yellow good heavens a one more time get ready Frankie watch watch what you watch.

We’ve got another roadblock. Because look whose truck has to go it’s the mega way for you stupid sheep that are licking salt off the road how’s the salt jams or join robot yeah that’s good Jim’s just getting a few licks in Samantha hey guys hey guys. I thought that is a big out it’s cool they don’t really seem to mind that you’re there no there’s other doctors doing on the transaction oh it’s way more of them look at them right over there guys.

I’m sure you can see it there’s a family of elk, and they’re large they are very very big else. So tell me about pyramid that paramount is just really good as it does it dominates the view from town yeah the Ian if you live here you just kind of look up at it, and everyone in town on school climate every year just cuz it calls you man yeah. But apparently you can’t climb at this time of the year.

Because of avalanche concerns there that’s pyramid there’s a skating oval right there basically they’re just kicking like a snowplow. I made a circle around on the lake there, and right now we’re on the fairmont ground apparently justing they own 900 acres in this area yeah this is awesome we’re just checking into our hotel now, and let’s check it out. We’ve just arrived at what might be one of the coolest pheromones in the entire world check it out right behind me they got an ice sculpture, and we’re staying here for two nights they’ve got like an ice rink they own 900 acres of land which is basically unheard of in this area.

Because land is very scarce basically the government only gave up a certain amount of land. And I was done years, and years ago. And So the people who own land it’s very very valuable right now Jeff is telling us how expensive it is to buy an apartment or a condo in Jasper it’s basically like $600,000 Canadian.

But 400,000 American which is a lot of money for Justin apart meant in something that would be deemed like a very rural area. But most people who own places it’s like a summer home. And So it drives up the prices this is such a beautiful place in the world, and excited to check out tomorrow morning it’s something really cool in the store yep it helps film the German bachelor here that’s a pheromone that’s awesome how is it what you have to do.

I was really just the location scout, and set the whole shoot up start to finish Padma yeah welcome existed did you meet the bachelor. I’ve met the bachelor, and yeah did you come to call for him. And I did by the way who’s got free all right let’s check out these cabins guys basically this is a very unique Fairmont everything here is kind of like cabin style you got the log experience let’s check it out.

So this little one’s been napping all day. I’ve never been a snob a ladies room pretty much nothing all day oh yeah for the car right. So folks they can’t die all right guys let me show you around our extremely cozy room this is amazing the first off this is what we’re looking at outside right now the lakes frozen over it’s covered in snow will show you that later then hello mumbles oh yeah a nice little cheese platter some red wine.

And I’m gonna have tonight got my coach speeding area in there there’s the bedroom it’s very cool it’s like a nice cabin feel. I love this you take my boots off there they covered insist definitely you wanted to know if Uniqua held up staging yet. I don’t think.

I’ve ever it is like a high-end salad. I’m soaked they were here for two nights, and then after Jasper we’re going straight to pants if you haven’t noticed this is the 1dx, and like the lighting the colors the focus what do you think has it been worth the wait the suffering of reading me bumble around with my last Canberra file sizes are ridiculously big on this camera. But for good reason hmm right now all.

And I’m really excited we hold really cool exclusive restaurant, and then they have a good outdoor giant hot tub, and linger with sauna. So we like to do that later. So now we’re going to eat.

And I think. I found the Bison everything. I was just a fit that was a good healer you look at 500.

I have to be in focus. I kept missing for five times like the clock, and behind the scenes there’s more perfect sound another one all right guys it’s been an awesome day. And I’m.

So excited to now be here Jasper. So make sure to tune in tomorrow for the post hit the post a big thumbs up hit subscribe, and let’s get lost again tomorrow um.

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