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Oh yeah breakfast is served baby Matt come with.

I’m up in the kitchen. I think we’re gonna get breakfast what’s going on in the area breakfast. I don’t know to play there’s every there’s many thing when you come back to Edgewater hey behind the scenes have a dietician.

So first of all you take the dish yeah bring that pan take it out right hand. So it looks left handed. And I.

And I see that pan it that. We’ve got another day of that. So that’s coming out later yeah there you go it feels like this dish drawing with Matt yeah tune in next week for how to clean your toilet if you guys come to Romania, and you’re staying in Bucharest this is Midland hostel.

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We’ve been here for two nights. And I highly recommend it two nights here are 535 lay 30 US dollars for two nights, and not included like eight beers, and three water bottles. So Romania is very inexpensive Sunday well Romanian Tiger Romania Minya loss you’re on my blog remember we have just been dropped off at the train station, and now we’re going north to put off shell.

I think it’s like a two, and a half hour train ride to get there the dog in the bag. I don’t want to go in the bag that’s like a space looking thing you know looks like a Star Wars transporter. So we went to the wrong, and train terminal, and we missed our train.

But luckily there’s another one it runs 15 minutes later going to brush off as well. But it sucks. Because it’s like a slower train there’s more stops on the way there.

But what you gonna do it’s also really hot here well smile it’s really on its own. I lost it in lose my ticket right over there there’s a massive fire in a trash can. So must’ve thrown a cigarette in there please lead us through the workouts the Romanian train workers build your muscles.

So we got two hours left make it a little more ah welcome to brush-off almost four hours later we arrived in Prussia hopefully gonna get some food. I’m starving, and then after that maybe check into our hospital through that mountain it says brush-off up in the hills just like Hollywood Wow we’re gonna taxi we’re like almost here, and then what was like look we all look at each other like what the heck like is this even a taxi like there’s no meter we just like gotten some guys cars like signs there was no signs. But everything worked out, and he actually gave us really good price.

So can’t complain, and we are in a place that looks like the Alps. So beautiful this is where we’re staying hotel tend to follow the rainbow okay guys we have been let over there 8 9, and 10 this is home for the next night. I’m going to be sleeping right here, and we only have one night.

Because it’s booked tomorrow. I guess we’ll be back on the streets looking for another hostel the hostel owner just told us to go place we’re gonna go get some traditional Romanian food, and it sounded. So bomb it’s like potatoes barbecued meat like some sort of like a bread thing it sounded really good.

I’m also starving we have not eaten in probably eight hours it’s gonna be a good meal our taxi driver took those out on the way out of here like look at these buildings have a history off guys how old do you think this building is, and why provide reasoning. I don’t know turn of the 20th century yes both these guys studied history. So they have lots of facts it’s done you need every blog you need to do like a random fact like the salt thing yesterday was cool okay another random history fact 100 Years War which is 15th century between England, and France the term okay everyone knows it you’re okay.

I’m doing okay couple yeah it comes from the tax collectors in England the tax collectors needed to know how much or how many people died in the house. So he’s right on the door like 1 K 2 K 3 K, and 0 K s, and 0 kills. So no deaths in house okay interesting yeah okay anything have fun did you know that yeah Stein toxin today.

I seem to really love this here yeah okay this place is. So beautiful. So far first impressions this place reminds me of Disneyworld.

I don’t know if you’ve been to Disney well before when you first get there you go through the gates, and everything looks like that it’s like really old school beautiful green grass. I feel like. I’m at a theme park right now like my expectations of Romania were like quite low.

And I feel like it’s just a lot more architectural beautiful, and clean that expected not all those who are lost wander sometimes you have to be lost to find who you are. Because I have we end up here what’s up canvases well we’re lost we’re lost like WWF pigeon yep Dracula was here we made it to the restaurant Bon Appetit this here is some Romanian food apparently french fries, and sausage. I guess we got our expectations a little too high on the meal here soften the meal we just had was remarkably bad like one of the worst meals.

I’ve ever had but. I’m not going to jump to conclusions. I still want to try more Romanian food.

But we were recommended it apparently that it’s like just traditional Romanian sausage. But it was just really soft like it felt like. I don’t know like he didn’t test.

I almost was not for me he’s not for any of us, and now my stomach feels really full. I was actually warned about when we got on the flight going from London to Romania one of the guys who’s Romanian said that whenever his wife was a foreigner comes to visit she gets an upset stomach. Because the food here is very rich.

But we barely ate any of it. I don’t know if Stein. And I aren’t feeling too hot yeah not diggin everything else about Romania is beautiful five minutes down this is.

So pretty just like an old-school square everyone hanging out is live music being played over there. And I just got gelato the boys are putting in the work charging devices. I’m doing more work like 2:30 in the morning.

I have to wake up in like three hours to myself if you feel. I gotta do right now don’t say you’re on the to the other side.

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