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Feeling when you laugh pee hold my beer we are saying goodbye to Bali, and we’re off to the gili islands we just paid 1.7 million rupiah to go both ways for the two of us.

So it’s definitely not cheap. But we’re taking a really comfy speedboat there, and we should be there in about two hours. But ladies trying to sell beers out the window, and it’s like 9:00 in the morning.

I like your style after you madam this is how you get off the boat guys a little sketchy welcome to gili t all right this is a throwback to koh pipi right now we get off the boat, and narrow roads lots of tourism people trying to sell you things. But one thing you’ll find here is there’s no Toxie driver basically there are no cars on this entire island the only way to get around is on foot bicycle, and horse-drawn carriages. I would love to stand talk.

But the rains are coming let’s get to our hotel we didn’t make it we have to seek refuge hopefully won’t last long it doesn’t normally. But last time Josh. And I got stuck in the rain we were literally caught under cover for like an hour that’s very unusual.

I think. I can already see it’s very item nothing quite beats that Island life slipping those tropical vibes baby oh good heavens Beatrice what are you doing in there oh my gosh good heavens guys you’re growing up. So quickly yeah that’s how.

I’m feeling too guys, I’ll be joining you in a little bit. I’m not gonna make it send help call the donkey it’s like Hansel, and Gretel we’re leaving our trail behind in case we get lost like you’re my mirror well. I can see the other half of me whoa like your mamimi popula see the world travel No well.

We’ve made it to the promised land the gili Ocean Club Bienvenue at the gili ocean club guys. We’ve finally made it it’s about a 15-minute walk from the gili t pier, and we finally made it guys. I’m stoked it was a pretty easy travel day like all together it was about an hour, and a half to get from Kuta to the pier from the pier it took about two hours on the boat to get to gili t, and then yeah 15 minute walk, and here we are, and right behind me.

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We’ve got a communal pool for the entire complex it’s a really nice cozy hotel there’s probably about eight or ten units here. So it’s just like a really nice clean modern feel minimalistic. I really like it double sinks toilet right there is the shower hey we even got a little solarium we’re off to go grab some lunch here the Sun has come out, and the storms are gone guys we checked into our hotel feels good we took like a half an hour just moment to relax, and feel like we’re here now there’s also signs too saying like please don’t wear your bikinis.

I can walk down the street right you’re covered yeah. So you’re not really supposed to wear your bikini out of respect when walking around the village. But if you’re on the beach it’s totally fine.

I’m sure they’ve accustomed to the copious amounts of tourists that come to gili t gili T’s like the busiest of the three there’s gili meno gili re, and gili t, and yeah this is the one where there’s lots of like nightlife like scottson oh you got that corn there’s smother in some sort of like a better problem it’s some sort of like a fat on there yeah kind of feels like co-towel a little bit alright this is where we’re gonna get some food yeah sit over here no Wi-Fi what how am. I supposed to enjoy my time on a beautiful beach of there’s no Wi-Fi got grilled cheese we got burgers we got spaghetti, and when you’re all done why not indulge in a little dessert these are basically glorified toasties throwback to Thailand again, and right across there you can see a faint outline that is gili meno, and Gili Meno is. I think the smallest of the ghillies it’s also very laid-back there’s no direct ferries that will take you there.

But once you get to gili t you can ask for a ride across. I don’t think it’d be very expect literally when you could swim there if you were willing to deal with that. I would be you’re gonna water that my fatty okay yeah get a floaty for you to ride it get a paddle got to check this water out for myself oh it’s such nice sand guys yep this is just about perfect water oh yeah roadblock nothing like that gili t traffic jam hey Abby hey where’s your buggy you’re not just gonna have to strap one on yeah well used to push that along face in high school really hurt my feelings actually just one person said that here’s who you are hmm.

I hurt my feelings okay all right guys. So I got myself an old school bike here. I’ve got a nice little basket on the front which is perfect got my gh4 in there.

So I can get some nice slow-mo b-roll, and Abby. And I are actually taking the bikes out we’re gonna go meet with someone who’s also on the island right now. We’ve just met him through Instagram try at home kids always wear protection when your bike riding or their money.

So I’ve got like these extremely extended handlebars. So it’s crazy wobbly. But when you get a bit of speed it’s not too bad this is a dead end.

And I don’t have brakes on this. I have to pedal backwards. But we met a horse that’s nice oh my gosh it’s.

So hard to get this thing started. So come on you guys hey guys. I’m riding a bicycle right now around gili t.

And I hope you’re gonna find your penis soon yes bintang with sunset that’s like the perfect combination where you from Freddy come Joanie okay when I’m home. I’m never home all around the globe sounds familiar guys incredible right now we’re just like going down this walkway with our bikes like everyone’s just like.

So low-key, and chilled out for passing by all these amazing beach bars, and restaurants. I can say this is definitely going to be an amazing next four days yeah it could be my favorite island we’ll see. We’ve heard a lot of really good stuff about gili t, and it’s just reaffirming it all right Freddy has brought us to a secret spot that he found the other day this does look pretty amazing all there are tree houses – what.

So guys this right here is what gili islands are all about just relaxing reading the sunset what do you think. So far yeah this is like she came here sooner. So I would never would have left.

I feel like you go to islands to like experience low key things. But then you end up. So busy.

But this actually feels like the kind of Island you could relax at, and just like have no worries look at the beach. I mean aside from like the kelp, and like life is not measured by the number of breath we take breaths. But by the moments that take our breath away Wow inspired come up here, and have your breath taken away guys if you don’t already follow me on Instagram well now right there it’s like the reason people come to gili t to get the traditional photo of the swingset right now she’s killing it that’s Instagram goals right there.

So the sunset might not be the sunset we’d hope for it’s going right behind all that haze. But doesn’t matter everyone that really enjoyed that blog where. I showed you guys the guy washing a chicken is now a dude washing his horse if that’s not love.

I don’t know what love is Freddie has a piece of information that anyone coming to Bali should know. Because Abby. And I are getting destroyed right now by our cellphone companies.

We’ve spent like $40 in the past month. And I’m out of data right now. I spent five bucks you.

I just called exhale you get 12 gigabyte or 40 it’s $59, and plus a little bit of text, and sup man mm robia riches five insane. We’ve been spending ten dollars getting like shoddy plans that just run out with Telkom cell use Excel. I’m gonna get an excel plan now yeah but.

I just want to say that hey guys. So the Sun is like behind that haze of cloud. But it’s like saurons eye right now the Sun is just like placing right in that little gap Judgment Day is upon us yeah that’s little overdramatic it’s just beautiful strange sunset but.

I like it. And I think that’s just the start of the night we feel like going out tonight got the bike we’re gonna go for a spa treatment spot srimad yeah yeah you got to meet us after okay cool yeah you know it like. I’m on this lowrider bike with the longest handlebars yeah they totally headbutt you maybe.

I don’t know hold your bike enjoy your spa treatment – very soon was told to come to the fresh market basically there’s tons of street vendors here making fresh fresh food there’s seafood there’s fried chicken kebabs. So I’m going to try that tonight it’s cheaper, and it looks really good fried noodles fried chicken veggies water two meals Oh you as a veggie this came to ninety thousand which is like nine dollars Canadian about six dollars us. So really good price, and food is great we got ready for the night Abby’s looking fly you got yourself all done up well.

I just want to make up she’s looking pretty fly guys she got a dress on look at that here she’s got dress on tryna catch me ridin dirty just three nights ago was a supermoon guys you can still see a bit of the move. I think it’s still super, and the national love Oh, and run you over it’s lit we’re going to go to another club there’s one just down the road where they have beer pong signal to say hi to my family, and a Bintang we’re doing really bad. But he’s also doing really good it’s 2:00 to 5:00 okay guys the game got a lot more interesting it is currently the last cup for the last cup spin oh she wants to keep on going okay no way guys.

So there’s little baby turtles, and what do they do them we use them after cover freak only has one big flipper oh my gosh oh no yes – noise PC man see you at williwaw -, and like. I don’t know four days or something it is time to go to bed guys if you made it this far in the post please give it a big thumbs up, and if you’re new to the blog hit the subscribe button have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow um the day yay. I knew it was raining cats, and dogs fine really.

I could see the other half of me Oh.

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