I can you say you can see yeah what is up guys today is day number one of blogging Vancity, and right now we are in beautiful Kitsilano UBC is about maybe a five minute drive that way, and that’s the University Abby.

And I both went to. So today we’re going to go, and show you kits we’re going to show you UBC, and we’re going to show you Granville Island. So if you guys are ready for some exploring, and some adventure, and some good food let’s get started alright guys this here is Jethro’s, and this is where we’re getting breakfast look at this breakfast burrito, and Abby got the eggs benny with avocado.

I literally am stuffed. And I’ve only eaten half to this breakfast burrito like it’s bigger than my fist. I’m done.

I’m tapping out this is literally the size of a small baby. But this was $9 cups roughly $6 um. So just incredibly affordable, and that is their pancake don’t even get me started the gold rush well that’s just about the best bang for your buck you can possibly get that meal was enough to feed four of us if you’re going to come to Jethro’s try to avoid the weekends.

Because you’ll see hungover university students lined out the door it’s quite popular around here we’re going to go to the beach now the weather’s starting to get nicer out. So we’re gonna hit wreck beach keep our clothes on. Because it actually is a nude beach that’s right we’re not we’re gonna have work you’re gonna see Lauren welcome to the University of British Columbia this is the place that Abby.


And I went to for well. I went to for four years she was three it gets quite gloomy in Vancouver a lot of overcast a lot of rain. But when it’s sunny you can’t beat it all right right there is the first year residency, and when.

I was here in first year. I lived in that building right there by the name of Nick cotton one part about UBC that I don’t like is the super expensive parking it’s impossible. I’m I’m hurt yeah parking is really difficult yeah tell me yuck oh there we go this parking spot is for small cut Oh honestly this guy is a literary genius the Shakespeare of our time.

So if you’re a bit of a Motorhead come to any EBC parking lot, and you’re going to see a minimum of at least 20 to 50 different BMWs, and Mercedes, and the average car price probably ranges from like being fifty thousand upwards of eighty thousand like. I kid you not the average car is like a decked out 3-series BMW this school is. So affluent it’s unbelievable little extra stop we just thought of, and that is the Japanese garden it’s like a little slice of Japan look at these beautiful moss Gardens this here is nice OB Nairobi hey Toby.

I think it’s called night OB garnett Nairobi Nairobi is in Africa now that. We’ve established a very cheesy mood here in the night Toby garden let me show you it. So there is trees tranquility, and coy, and very inefficient bridges.

I’m not sure who designed this. But I’d like to have a word all right there is one of them right there. Because they can live up to like.

I think it’s 90 years old they can live forever throwback to Japan all right this here is the entrance to wreck beach. So wreck Beach is part of UBC endowment lands, and you have to go down these massive sets of stairs takes about 15 minutes to get down, and once you get down here in another world the patch kids hide your wives. Because things are getting wild.

I’m gonna keep my clothes on for this one Christian what about you Oh gonna let it all hang loose ya know. So good alright guys. We’ve arrived in Rock Beach is a bit of a different world look at this it was like hippie setup everywhere this here is the beautiful beach people come here to be free, and filming them is not one of their ways of letting them express themselves, and be themselves here in this sanctuary.

So I have to be very mindful of where. I’m point to the camera. I might have to do more of a narrative than an actual show around.

Because one guy actually told me he’s like hey man just a heads up like. I’ve actually seen people get. So mad that they’ll grab your phone camera, and throw it in the ocean, and that’s not good for anyone doesn’t stop me from showing you guys wreck beach.

So wreck Beach is as you saw just off of UBC campus it’s technically still part of UBC campus, and it’s an awesome spot to come especially in the summer lots of people hanging out here they’re students there’s old people lots of old people hanging. I’ve seen. So many like dongs.

So far. And I feel song yeah, and it’s never the people you want to see this is rec beach you gotta put your past behind you look bad things happen, and you can’t do anything about right wrong when the world turns it back on you you turn yeah well guys our little patch of Beach has become about half the size the tide is now coming in, and my parking is getting pretty close to running out. So we’re gonna head out we’re gonna go get the car, and we’re going to show you guys the next big beach here in the Vancouver area actually not allowed to take off your beta 2 there yeah the next we’ll show you mark the next beach we’re going to is called Kitsilano, and this is more of a family-friendly Beach people are wearing clothes that’s the big difference let’s go there next.

So this is not the Philippines the water is a bit chillier they were selling like jewelry necklaces bejeweled bikinis right as were going in there a guy with an accordion playing a song, and he’s totally naked just comes by. I think he was working the shop it’s very interesting culture. But y’all have to check it out for yourself when we get Kevin our little wiener dog that’s like our dream dog we’re gonna bring him here.

So this is the awful each section of the Vancouver beaches, and it’s known as Spanish banks you will always see these out in the port here in Vancouver tanker ships tanker ship tanker ship, and just right there is the beautiful Vancouver skyline it means no worries. So my antenna on the remote controller seems to have ripped, and it’s really impacting the distance. I can get with my drone which kind of sucks but.

I’m still getting some good shots. So this area we’re going through right now is where a lot of the ultra-rich in Vancouver live one of them being chip Wilson, and chip Wilson is the founder, and creator of Lululemon which is actually a vancouver-based clothing company his house is worth roughly 50 million dollars his house is just over here – in there so. We’ve just parked the car, and we’re now in Kitts Beach, and Kitts Beach is the beach when people come to Vancouver this is often where they come with their families that come to relax get some food get some Starbucks, and head to a beautiful beach you can get sushi almost anywhere in Vancouver, and it’s like the cheapest meal you’ll get, and it’s so good we went to Japan, and we’re like oh three so much sushi, and then there’s no sushi anywhere there’s sashimi this is not sushi anywhere it’s really weird yak this here is Kitsilano Beach. So now that school started, and that it’s a little bit colder it’s starting to cool down a bit today’s only 20 degrees which is actually pretty nice by Vancouver September standards.

But it’s just teetering on the point of being too cold totally fine for being a t-shirt. But bathing suit weather not quite. But during the months of July, and August this Beach will be packed full of people playing beach volleyball just relaxing on the beach, and hang it out welcome to Granville Island right there is the kids market.

And I remember this is a kid. Because they have little tiny doors for kids let me choose okay they have a little tiny door. So this part of an Coover is known for the craftier sides of things it’s like artsy music bars restaurants all the fine arts are here in Granville Island, and what else is really cool is they have lots of really trendy stores.

So you actually have a store entirely dedicated to handmade umbrellas. But why tell you about it when I can show you it as a little welcome to Granville we just a nice hyperlapse on that staircase, and hyperlapse is basically when you take a bunch of photos, and string them together really quickly yeah they’re a lot of fun.

So people come here for fresh cheese bread fudge like there’s every food you can think of it’s here it’s organic it’s like homemade, and it’s delicious the broom now that is a cool thing to do with your industrial equipment keep go posture BAE you don’t assign to what they say um Ronde that’s another really cool part a gravel island is others just random artists that will set up, and play for crowd, and it’s my good this is where we’re having lunch this giant yellow nuisance pillow check out this beautiful view, and that is just a teaser of what you guys will be seeing in two blogs from now we’re going down there on Friday into downtown Vancouver. So you can rent boats here, and just over there Abby. And I rented a paddleboard paddleboarded out to there which is kind of treacherous.

Because it’s the Kurds pretty strong talking about the time we rented a paddleboard, and the current. And I was super nervous. Because there was like huge boats going past, and the Christians like paddling out to the middle yeah okay.

So while we have lunch right back there. I’m going to shoot you guys some amazing time lapses check it out alright look at these things right here these are sea taxi. So they’ll pick you up on this side, and they’ll take you to the other side where the downtown is there’s a seal there’s a seal there’s a sale there’s a feel oh my gosh there we just went under the water Laurel oh there there there dear white ocean gallery, and they have some beautiful paintings here Vancouver this is what the skyline looks like at night just.

So stunning the big favorite ask what the store describes Vancouver you have handmade natural pet treats for the organic wheeze some people’s pets are getting better than. I am that’s going to be a sellout. And I think.

I found Trump that’s jump right there. I think so much to my car yeah sorry about that man what is up guys we have been doing a bit of editing for the past hour, and a half.

So the Sun is sort of set it’s kind of just past golden hour now this guy is a little bit pink can you see that it’s. I gotta say. I’m very impressed with this hotel if you guys are staying in Vancouver definitely give the Burrard hotel a look it’s right downtown, and it’s extremely trendy definitely a good value for your dollar look at that you can catch the pink sky reflection right off these three buildings.

So beautiful we have been beyond lucky with today today has just been a dream like the weather the things. We’ve done everything’s been. So perfectly lined up.

And I gotta say. I’m very excited to show you guys day two tomorrow. But we’re not quite done today the next place we’re going to is a personal favorite of mine if you guys come by Vancouver this is a place you must oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh it’s a him where’d you where’d you get him a book reader ah Langley all right we’re going to show you guys the hippest sushi place in all of North America that’s a bold statement.

But wait till you see it it’s also some of the best sushi. I’ve ever had it’s like really experimental they basically different ingredients something you don’t usually see in sushi will be in yeah they’re hella creative with it like really try that again the volcano x-rated roll Godzilla this is my favorite found Nemo this year at the eatery. I’m sorry guys it’s a sad ending alright guys this is pretty wild.

I’m going to try to remember what she just said is in here this is the volcano rule it has eel crab me this entire pile on top has crab me with spicy Japanese sauce spicy salsa. I’m messing it up there’s. So many things in here but.

I can’t wait to try it this is the KFC roll with avocado on top Mayo, and cut lips of chicken what did you get. So I got the right red green roll yeah cream cheese red pepper, and avocado tuna tempura yeah oh my gosh okay the volcano roll is a mess it’s the best roll. I’ve ever had get it.

I was way too good what are you doing okay which is really tight sighs. And I’m in my pants with the peel, and now they’d like more clothes back we are back at the broad hotel Thank You broad hotel for a really cool retro will show you guys kind of in the morning sleep is not part of the itinerary it’s about 2:45 right now, and we have to be getting out of here by 7:45 so. If I’m lucky if.

I like pass out immediately that gives me five hours of sleep but I wouldn’t count on it. I would love to hear from you guys if you didn’t notice there was a lot of extra effort put into this blog whether it means leaving a thumbs up leaving a comment or both.

I really appreciate your engagement, and I’d love to get some feedback what do you guys think about day one of blogging Vancity having a night guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow um oh the day you you.

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