You’re just under the overpass, and you can see people practicing white eye over there one time’s the martial arts they do here in Thailand. We’ve seen a fight one, and it’s probably like the most brutal sport in the entire world it’s like UFC.

But basically no rules like there’s hardly any padding on their hands, and they just beat the crap out of each other no too bad it was kind of cool it was pretty is like it was a thrill ride well then they put two 14 year olds in the ring to fight each other, and it got a little weird it’s like cockfighting. But you’re human like so. We’ve been dropped off on the side three which links up with clothes on this is known as Rambo three, and kind of where you come to get food the food is really good there humidity right now off the chart yeah just down here close anyway you haven’t been here two years no or do you.

So much good out here that’s crazy how’s it feel to be back right now we’re actually meeting with another couple from Vancouver we know them through like basically high school cinema confusing relationship Josh who we’re going to be introducing you to NAT just a sec is actually a youtuber he’s been doing my blog longer than. I I think he’s been out of probably for about three years now. So we have just met up here with Josh, and Tessa they are coming all the way up from Vancouver, and they got here like late last night what’s up guy yeah that’s Rios Tessa you can put it together Christian to be our tour guide for the next couple days super been here before.

So we don’t know to expect results it’s all based on what you got some jokes how they kind of bill for one of the big scams that go on around here, and it’s that you’ll see took took drivers that are just waiting outside a places like became palace or other temples, and they’ll always tell you something like oh there’s a Buddhist holiday today or there’s currently something going on there’s a ceremony going on to the King’s house, and we’re closed, and then what they’ll do is they’ll be like what. I can drive you to this other place. And So what they’re doing is they’re just trying to get your business Abby.


And I have fallen for it twice we only just recently learned that this was actually a scam trust me the to proof drivers are smooth talker don’t trust the cooktop drivers keep walking to the king’s palace or wherever you’re going don’t look for them. I’ve kind of played up this Thai coffee we’re going to get one have you ever had of course. I’ve never had my coffee yeah it’s it’s pretty good like.

I would love it but I like them they’re made with condensed milk, and a bunch of other weird stuff you’ve no idea what they’re putting in there come on he’s hot ah could. I get three teickhoff ease.

I don’t know what the total game here goes big against military law if you get like sprite or coca-cola any soft drink here in Thailand it will be noticeably sweeter the Thai people love sweet things if you compare the calorie count it’s like 110 calories for a can of sprite back home it’s like 160 years. So it goes to show the difference in sugar content always alone it really does oh my god she’s not anymore. I think.

Because we were filming, and like laughing she really got egged on of it, and just like went overboard to save the leaf she put so much okay someone just hit Lauren with a bar food. So they really went overboard with this.

I think. Because we were filming, and laughing they just kept filling up, and by they. I mean she filming go to the ferry you know the voter goes what are you good huh hey hey yeah.

But number one of you know the boat what will go wrong. I believe. I ever know anyone when are we thinking we need a honeymoon from joy first circle cried second does the port this.

But we were allowed to wear shorts the girls cannot. So there’s only 10 minutes left otherwise we would have gone to buy pants for them. So this here is what Pope.

So you’re not allowed to wear your shoes in the temple which has led to a bit of an awkward situation. I’m wearing not just matching socks. But like embarrassingly mismatched stock.

I didn’t think people would know. But then they make me take off my high top shoes, and down this little alleyway lies my hidden secret cocktail bar oh man. But it’s super expensive.

So I don’t even know if we’ll get something we’ll just like go check out the view all right get ready just what is like probably kind of place the stairs to get up he worth dead also ducky really agreed which is really. So this is just one of the many hidden secrets in the travel guide a just-released if you’re planning come to Thailand or you’re looking at like literally one of the best three weeks of your entire life check out my twenty two day travel Thailand guide stall link down below, and if you’re coming to Thailand. I also have another package that will get you prepared before you trip everything from like packing tips the basic local knowledge how to negotiate, and barter with vendors, and all that that’s all included in my guide this is a really cool dig than the travel guide by the way it’s hard to find though, and it’s called Eagle net, and the drink although very expensive you pay for the view.

Because the view is incredible right in front of me here you have wat arun, and right behind me you have the grand palace as well as reclining buddha in wat pool which is what we just saw it’s in my top three spots for sunset drinks in bangkok okay few guys in. I don’t know what like an hour, and a half two hours yeah okay Tyrion you run what’s your name no no where are you from oh thank god very nice how do you like Bangkok yeah you know. I study at Chula Chulalongkorn yes.

I go BBA program. I finished but I used to live in Bangkok this is like my perspective.

We’ve been having an amazing time we hotel everything we like top-notch service like Lola walked in, and we were some really good stage Leslie, and they all that one when you recommend to be fun how come well it’s a ferret yes we’re going to control that stick yeah are they different sharpie yeah. So our server has just come up, and he brings us off, and you opens it up like beautifully claps, and shut, and then you like opens it up over take a treasure box, and then in their lives six different stores, and we got to choose our weapons. I’ve picked the red dangerous tonight here this would be my knife of choice for dinner Lawrence Abby went with a more classical look system aged wood here mine looks like an assassin’s blade Abby’s looks like a pretty standard kitchen knife though.

I think. I made the right choice here kid boy group thank you very much howdy Mia. I was saying.

I think that’s one of the top nails. I’ve ever had is that good yeah steak was amazing yeah do you ever get that feeling where you make plans, and then in the back your head you’re like oh man. I really don’t feel like meeting anymore like.

I’m just tired as soon as we ate our dinner like we had a glass of wine we were like. I would really like to just go to bed right now, and call it a night, and in the back of my head. I was like.

But we made a commitment to go see Josh, and Tessa, and we need to show them around, and then. I jokingly was too like Abby like how nice would that be if they texted us being like you know we’re really tired we’re not adjusted to the Thai climate yet, and that message like just came through on Instagram. So I’m like pretty stoked right now that Abby.

And I don’t have to take like a half an hour cab back to close on, and another half hour back. I know it’s kind of lame. But literally.

I just feel like a nice good sleep is what. I want tonight more than anything else. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do with like 10:00 here.

We’ve got about a two, and a half hour drive tomorrow until then guys let’s get lost again tomorrow yay.

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