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I’ll be okay when Bowman was going through the forest right now my shoe well it’s so many bugs in here oh my gosh we made it we love you made it hey. I just spotted you in the man what the heck what is it the roller coaster alright guys.

I just want to stablish this this is one of the weirdest places. I’ve ever been what is this mental we’re going off like a tree house made out of car doors kind of like a floating man yeah let’s think about it. I think burning man’s a good comparison.

I don’t know why. I’m on here. But we’re gonna go for a ride.

I hope. I don’t get sick. I hate spinny ride there are so many people aggressive people to look at this guy oh oh my god. I ran him over oh my god we got run over by everyone oh this is ridiculous. So I turn at home good morning guys we have just woken up it’s like 1:00, and when we got back from the jungle party really late last night.

I don’t feel a 100%. But luckily we’re in a beautiful place right now, and we’re gonna go enjoy the Sun lads are in full swing hello good morning well our cleaning lady had a good laugh when I called it morning.

Because yeah it’s 1:30. So this oh let’s go get some breakfast Oh Ronnie you’re in luck man Ronnie loves a good playground one of his favorite things check out his Instagram account playground heroes this here is the staple of Southeast Asia fried rice, and chicken basically whenever you’re doubting whether the food will be good gets fried rice, and chicken they basically can’t screw it up. So right now it’s beautiful golden hour we have not left our room like at all today.

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I’ve been doing a little bit of work. But to be honest it’s a bit of a waste of a day which is unfortunate the other reason. I don’t really drink much.

But we’re going to make the most of it we’re going to get the sunsets we’re actually heading to the beach now. And I wanted to do a Q&A to fill up today’s blog will also show you guys the beautiful sand Oakville Beach, and make the most of this incredible lighting right now. We’ve had nothing.

But beautiful weather every day. So lucky to be here right now all right. So we’re chasing the sunset literally we probably have like 45 minutes now a little type of time.

But we’re also like a good 15 20 minutes outside of stand-up Phil – that’s the money badass this is what it’s all about my favorite thing to do when traveling to find the best beaches this is. So nice. I don’t know like for some reason.

I never knew Cambodia had the side of it like. I saw it in photos, and that’s what made me realize it. But when.

I was you last time. I just associated it was very much like kind of like jungle, and temples. But it has a really really picturesque beach scene to it as well one ball, and one alright guys.

So I hope you enjoyed that cinematic sequence you should have seen us we were literally sprinting around the beach setting up gimbal setting up drone but I think the results speak for itself what do you think of the shops Ronnie. I think yeah it’ll be beautiful check out the magnificent colors in the skies the Sun is now set.

I send out a message on Instagram Twitter snapchat, and you guys have flooded me with many many questions. So I’m sorry if. I don’t answer your question, and, I’ll definitely leave it open for maybe doing some more Q&A in the future.

So the first question is a really good one when you were a new youtuber were there any other youtubers who were inspired by, and where do you see yourself in two years. So what. I actually started my blog.

I had never walked any my blog posts before like. I didn’t have anyone. I followed.

I just thought of my blog as a platform for cat posts. So when I started.

I had no inspiration but I must say that if. I were to kind of say one creator who.

I really enjoyed reading it would have been tasty nice that these days. I’m so busy it’s hard to follow him probably one of my bigger inspirations on the my blog platform where do you see yourself in two years.

I want to see myself just going through beautiful places, and sharing it with you guys constantly trying to push the quality in the blog trying to improve the posts. And I also see myself having several businesses by then there’s one that. I’m really excited.

I’m not ready to announce what it is but. I’m actually going to be making a brick, and mortar business in different countries, and want to filled out that business probably in the next three years. And I want to have travel guides for each of the major subdivisions of travel locations like Thailand Philippines Indonesia Cambodia Vietnam Laos.

So those are things that, I’ll be working on extensively in the next couple of years what’s your weirdest habit. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails. But my weirdest habit is probably like when.

I’m thinking or. I’m really focused. I tend to put my tongue to the side like this.

And So when I’m really focused Abby will always kind of like poke fun at me. Because, I’ll hold my tongue out like that Charlie asked what made me start what.

I’m doing here today. And I got into my blog. Because I did a school exchange to Bangkok.

I thought it would be awesome to make some GoPro posts, and store those as memories for myself for when I’m older or to be able to share them with friends, and family. And So it was purely a hobby for making these posts.

I found a passion for filmmaking, and for joining a Bangkok. I found my passion for traveling. So I found these two things, and then

I started working full-time in Vancouver Canada. I had a really hard time accepting the corporate world. And So I quit that job, and decided to do my blog full-time, and that’s led me to where.

I am today it’s been a real thrill ride. I can’t believe that. I get to do this with a full-time job it’s a true blessing.

I’m very fortunate, and very grateful for this opportunity any tips for new filmmakers. And I definitely have lots of tips but I want to keep it short my number one tip is this you need to make lots, and lots, and lots of posts the only way you get better is by making posts day in day out walking tutorials on my blog, and yes camera equipment is important.

But the focus needs to be on making your skills better, and even if it’s on a point-and-shoot camera you are learning just by making posts with that. So the next question is when I started how did.

I make money, and how was. I able to keep traveling well. I actually have a lot of posts that kind of explain that, I’ll have it linked down below if you’re curious, and you want to hear the real story.

Because it’s a long one. But essentially. I just kept my cost as low as possible by traveling to places in Southeast Asia.

And I slowly started to earn money through social media the next question is how long did it take to hit 1k sub that probably took me about six months maybe. I honestly don’t even know. Because I wasn’t really paying attention to subs when.

I started, and that’s like also a number one tip for people who’s down my blog is like if you treat this of your career when you get out the gate you’re going to have a really rough time this is a slow building process like. I said. I hit one case up, and maybe about half a year, and that was.

Because the posts. I was hosting weren’t as good as they are these days. So they didn’t attract as many people they didn’t get as many views, and it just takes a while to establish yourself on my blog, and that kind of segues into another great question which is what are the setbacks of doing my blog there’s honestly a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that you guys wouldn’t know about you wouldn’t think about like anything in the world there’s no perfect job with being a youtuber.

I think the biggest TED Talks can be sometimes controlling your happiness. Because there are so many ups, and downs in this process.

I mean what a creator is doing this full-time a kind of ride on their views. And So when engagement hi. I feel like.

I’m hi when engagement below. I’m in a low, and that’s a really tough thing to deal with. Because sometimes there’s outside things you cannot control, and my blog is a learning process.

So you will have times when your blog feels like it’s nose-diving, and it’s hard not to take that personally to get concerned about where you know the future is going to be. But at the end of the day you know it is an amazing thing to be able to work remotely work anywhere in the world be able to have an amazing, and engaged audience it’s truly a beautiful thing. So for every setback there’s ten great things.

So no pictures just arrived, and this question is what’s your favorite location to travel, and why. I would have to say as someone who’s no longer a beginner traveler. I like the Philippines a lot it’s probably my number one, and the reason is you can have your own adventures you can meet people.

But it’s not too touristy, and it’s just downright beautiful this here is a really good question Ben Keeley app can. I be found of the day the answer is no. So this question here is what gear do.

I pack with me when I’m traveling. And I want to keep it short.

Because I have made packing posts before. But to focus on camera gear. I bring my Canon 5d for photos.

I bring my a 7s Cooper post I bring my drone of course for aerial photography, and then. I have my GoPro my canon g7x which is good for casual blogging or nights out when you’re scared that your exam will get broken bring my MacBook which is a 2018 expect out to the max 15-inch laptop. And I bring a slew of hard drives.

So I can store all these files as far as clothing goes. I don’t really have a formula. I just always under pack especially when.

I go to places like Southeast Asia. Because you can buy t-shirts you can buy sandals you can buy anything you need here keep in the back home what was the lowest points. I’ve ever been in, and how did.

I get through it my lowest point would definitely have been when I got back from traveling after eight months. And I started working full-time in the nine-to-five there’s no other word for.

I was depressed. And I wasn’t enjoying what. I was doing.

I was. So be motivated to get out of bed in the morning. Because I just felt like.

I was being part of a giant system. I was a cog in the wheel. And I hate that feeling.

I hate having repetitiveness in my life. And So that for me was it low like there’s no better way to get out of a load than to change the conditions here in, and for me that meant quitting my job by getting rid of my beef, and packing up my bags, and going to Thailand with a one-way ticket how do. I upload posts while traveling that can be a massive struggle sometimes the Philippines it was horrendous like the Wi-Fi in the Philippines is the worst in all Southeast Asia, and Southeast Asia it doesn’t always have the best internet Cambodia is actually surprisingly amazing for Wi-Fi.

So for us we can upload a post in like an hour which is amazing for Southeast Asia, and then when in places like the Philippines like literally. I tend to leave my laptop open overnight. So that the post can upload, and sometimes it takes as much as eight hours sometimes it can take a full day as a very work.

So it just depends where you are usually it’s done in my hotel at night overnight as a. So this question here is have. I bought all my camera gear myself or has it been sponsored the only sponsored equipment.

I ever got has been my G H for Panasonic thank you so much you guys are the best honestly that is my favorite camera ever even though. I don’t currently use it it’s still my favorite camera.

And I’m really kind of leaning towards going to the gh 5 which is coming up soon other than that. I have purchased all my own stuff often. I like to look at stuff secondhand.

Because you can save a lot of money that way. So you stuff like Craigslist or could you G whatever system you got back home that is where. I have been investing a lot of my profits if you guys haven’t noticed.

I’ve accumulated a lot of really nice camera gear, and that did not happen easily there’s a lot of Carter, and money that has gone into the camera you’re looking at right now, and the ones in my bag. So a new drone which seems to be breaking quite often these days all right this question is a great one if you could take only one photography item with you what would it be that’s tough but I think that.

I would probably take my gh4. Because with that 40 to 140 lens it is the most versatile camera in the entire world it looks it gives you the wide-angle, and it gives you the incredible zoom has amazing battery life, and yeah that would be my one with me plus it’s super small, and portable also if you want to hear more about my camera equipment. I have the post link down below definitely check that out it’s super helpful if you’re looking to get yourself a camera, and get started in you kids game when it’s.

I’m going to be Bakula blogs very soon. So last question of the Q&A where do. I see myself in ten years, and do.

I see myself settling down, and like where that’s really. So hard for me to analyze that. Because honestly.

I’m a rather last-minute person. I like to take things day by day. I like you as.

I call it getting lost it’s kind of go with the flow. So the ten year spectrum is very very much impossible for me to predict. I definitely could say that marriage will be in that timeframe where will.

I live. I love living around friends, and family. So as much as.

I like Vancouver. I don’t love the weather. And So it makes it hard to say, I’ll live in Vancouver but.

I probably will live in Vancouver but I also see myself having like a second home somewhere somewhere that. I visit frequently, and maybe that would be something like oh Bali or maybe Thailand the reason.

I don’t say the Philippines is. Because unless they get like Wi-Fi that works well. I just could live there, and other than that.

I mean I definitely will have lots of businesses up, and running by then. I’m like a serial entrepreneur.

I love working on new projects. And I definitely have a few up my sleeve though. I’m really excited about that hope will be thriving by the 10-year point other than that guys thank you.

So much for sending in all the questions, and make sure you’re following me on snapchat Instagram on Twitter it’s at loss LeBlanc it’s all the same, and on Facebook as well in law school it’s a really great way to stay up to date. So you can see these questions, and know when posts are going out please leave the post a big thumbs up. I really appreciate when you leave thumbs up it really helps the posts perform better on my blog.

So please keep doing it hit the subscribe button if you’re new, and guys let’s get lost again tomorrow you.

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