Summer European Destinations For Lgbt Travelers

summer european destinations for lgbt travelers 8

For this list, we’re looking at the friendliest and safest summer destinations for members of the LGBTQIA Plus community. According to the Rainbow Europe Index, which measures acceptance of LGBTQA plus people on a scale of widespread discrimination to full equality.

10 Sweden – Map of Sweden

summer european destinations for lgbt travelers

For Decades Sweden – Map of Sweden Has Been Working Towards Equal Rights For People Of All Genders

Making history in 1972 as the first ever country to allow someone to change their legal gender and they haven’t slowed down since. The Stockholm Pride parade draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and things are pretty good in Sweden – Map of Sweden. The rest of the time, to the capital, and Gothenburg both have thriving gay quarters boasting plenty of LGBTQ, plus specific restaurants, clubs and other venues. Discrimination against LGBT people has been illegal in Sweden – Map of Sweden for years now, making it an especially safe location.

9 Uk – Map of UK

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If not all major cities in the UK have their gay friendly areas with London, Soho and Manchester Canal Street being two of the most famous in the nation. And while you’ll never run out of things to do in London itself, one of the best cities for elk plus people in the world with an abundance of great night spots. A short train ride South to Brighton is a must for any LGBTQ plus. Travelers every August Brighton and Hove hosts the country’s largest Pride festival, which draws big name performers like Britney Spears to its stage. But if you hit up any city in the summer, you’re sure to see some rainbow flags.

8 Map of France

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It’s Not Called Gay Perry

For nothing and France has a lot to be proud of when it comes to gay rights. It happens to be the country which first decriminalized homosexuality between consenting adults as long ago as 1791. In the midst of the French Revolution. While there are undoubtedly homophobic hotbeds in certain areas of the capital, Paris 2 boasts one of the largest pride parades in Europe. Its current most popular Day neighborhood is the mare, but others have also held this title at one point or another. Such as Pigalle, Paris even hosted the gay games in 2018, and inclusive sporting event, aimed at fostering diversity and acceptance.

7 Map of Portugal

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If You Need A Great AlgcPlus a friendly destination, but if you’re working within a tight budget, Portugal is a good call, with prices often lower than other countries in Europe with lots of Sun, sea and sand knees. Boa welcomes people from all walks of life and boasts one of the busiest night scenes in the continent. But if the city gets too exhausting. You can head to the picturesque town of Puerto or even out to the assort islands, which bear the nickname the Hawaii of the Atlantic, and for good reason.

6 Map of Norway

summer european destinations for lgbt travelers

There are so many LGBTQ plus events in Norway every year, most prominently in the capital Oslo Pen. It’s easy to lose count as well as the annual pride parade. You can hit the resort slopes outside Oslo for Scandinavian ski pride, or check out the city of Trond Hime for its Pride festival. Norway has equal rights for LGBTQ plus. People across the board with some of the best health care available for trans people LGBTQA plus people have a high level of visibility in Norwegian culture and media, with plenty of openly gay public figures.

5 Denmark Copenhagen – Map of Denmark Copenhagen

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Is a wildly popular destination for ELK plus people thanks to it being the capital city of one of the most liberal countries in the world and its pride celebrations in August last for an entire week of brightly colored festivities. In 2021 it’s even set to host the world Pride, a global celebration of Everything Queer Denmark was also the first country to legally recognize same sex couples. So the open minded locals are mostly going to be nothing but welcoming to LGBT travelers. There is an array of gay specific venues, all prioritizing the comfort and safety of their patrons.

4 Finland – Map of Finland

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The best Nordic country when it comes to equal rights, is currently Finland, which hosts another weeklong pride event. In Helsinki, every summer at the end of June, while it does have a few legal hangups where trans rights and gender identity are concerned, it’s certainly not a place where one has to worry about being safe in the streets. Helsinki also has one of the best and biggest gay clubs in all of northern Europe. The award winning and mega popular DTM for the truly adventurous and decidedly male. There is even the annual bears on board Cruise which sets off from Finland and sells through the Baltic Sea for an evening.

3 Looks On Board

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This tiny country’s only major city is a place where people won’t think twice if you’re logged and is one of the few countries to have had an openly gay Prime Minister look. Sample City has dozens of cultural attractions anyone can safely enjoy, like the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, various art museums, and they can’t do Cal Palace, which only offers tours during those hot summer months. Luksemburg is an especially progressive country. Then you’ll struggle to find people there who aren’t tolerant of different gender identities. In sexual orientations with many protective laws in place,

2 Belgium – Map of Belgium

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Many Of Belgium’s Largest Cities Including Hent, Antwerp, and the capital Brussels, have lively gay scenes as well as plenty of legal protections in place for LGBTQ plus individuals. Sexual activity between members of the same sex has been legal in Belgium since 1795, and in 2003 it was the second country in the world to legalize same sex marriage. Belgium also has. Any number of openly gay officials, including past Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, it’s a dream destination for a welcoming European jaunt with historic clubs, bars and hotels, and visitors generally should have no worries about public displays of affection.

1 Malta – Map of Malta

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Despite being one of Europe’s smallest countries, the islands of the Maltese archipelago are renowned for the warm welcome given to ELK, plus people, which beats the continents, other countries, even the progressive ones, by quite a margin. Rainbow Europe estimates. Malta is 90% of the way to full equality and acceptance 17% higher than the runner up. It’s fitting that one of the most accepting countries in the world is also one of the oldest, with megalithic temples in Malta. Some UNESCO World Heritage sites predating the Pyramids of Giza, but if you’re just looking for some R&R, the capital Valletta is a tourist destination named the European Capital of Culture in 2018, and it’s becoming especially popular for gay destination weddings.

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