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Another warm one today. Today restored my faith in humanity, my faith in the power of Faceblog and just exactly why I wanted to do this. Tonight we sit with Peg and John, at their beautiful home in Pittsburg. The local people have been brilliant today, bringing out Gatorade, water and even donating to Helpforheroes charity. Thank you to everyone! I love waking up to all the likes and comments it’s brilliant! What was brilliant was looking at how many people the posts have reached – 35,000 people! That’s incredible. Thank you to every single one of you.

Kerry and helen both ran with me today. Kerry did 20 miles this morning – a great effort. I think she now appreciates how much pain your legs can truly be in! The best shout out attempt so far has to be Dan Higgins who has written to Arnold Schwarzenegger!! Loved that. Tomorrow we head to Colombus on the bike. Today has been a good day. I never expected this heat! I am starting to think that Forest Gump was not based on real life events! As I’m sure during that film he does not say “ow my f**king legs!” Legs are numbing off quicker in a morning now so I can get into a rhythm quite fast. Already looking forward to what tomorrow will bring but for now. It’s time to eat and snooze! #beepic #America #faith #people

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I hurt. Everything hurts. My hands hurt from holding the handle bars, legs are in bits, neck, back, shoulders and feet just hurt. Didn’t get much sleep last night, there was flash floods in Pittsburg and when the rain hit the RV it sounded like we were being invaded. We pressed hard out of Pittsburg this morning clocking up great mileage in torrential rain. Had my full Weezle kit on today. For any cyclists out there, scuba gear is fantastic on wet rides as it dries mega quick and keeps you warm. Went through loads of little towns today, all exactly how you imagine America to be. White picket fences, kids playing baseball, people sitting on their front porches and then a big sweaty Yorkshireman huffing and puffing his way across America comes storming past. After a quick bite to eat at dinner I was able to lose some of the layers as the sun came out. We pressed along towards Columbus. We are sat on the outskirts of Columbus. 11 and a half hours in the saddle today. With breaks and stops makes this a 13 hour day. The rain of this morning seems so long ago. I just need sleep. I run tomorrow which my ass will be very happy with but my feet will be screaming at. Thanks again for all the support. I’ve been told my tracker isn’t working at the moment. Hopefully will be back up and running soon. I’m often asked why I do this. I would love to come up with something profound and inspiring right now, but I don’t have the energy.

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