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Success stories of very few rich and famous manage to make it in Fortune magazine or other popular magazines. However, there are several individuals who have changed their fortune, but failed to attract limelight. Their life stories are also worth reading, and their businesses still make it in the list of top 100 if not top 10. Here is one such story about multi-talented Lawrence Welk and his Welk Resort Group.

Lawrence Welk’s journey

Lawrence Welk’s grandson Jon Fredricks recently interacted with journalists and shared some interesting facts about Lawrence Welk who passed away in 1992. Jon suggests that passion for high quality is in their family’s blood. His grandfather Lawrence Welk always believed in offering people what they really want to be offered.

Lawrence Welk made it big when he was 52 years of age. The bandleader made it in headlines when his show was broadcasted by ABC in 1955. Thanks to his efforts, he became wealthy and also started his own music company and publishing label. The music company helped him get more value out of his music and to directly reach his audiences.

The TV star purchased a small block in Santa Monica, and was planning to build his company’s office at iconic GTE headquarters. During those days, his advisor Ted Lennon suggested that he should buy orange farms for tax savings. This is the reason Lawrence started visiting several properties, gardens, and he ended-up purchasing golf course and small hotel for his portfolio. His interest in hospitality urged him to further take the group towards purchasing and developing more resorts and holiday destinations.

Entrepreneur, bandleader, and TV personality Lawrence Welk took the first step towards establishing Welk Resorts by purchasing small golf course and hotel in San Diego County’s northern part. Today, the concerned property is not just the most important just part of Welk Resort Group, but it is also considered one of the best luxury vacation destinations in San Diego County.

Welk resorts is popular tourist destination

Welk Resorts, San Diego manages to attract several tourists every month. The destination offers the best possible combination of water slides, playgrounds, trekking trials, Music Theater, restaurant, and stylish rooms. Resort’s two golf courses are designed by industry’s best professionals. Travel websites and tourism industry experts often tag the resort as cruise-ship on land for tourists.

The group’s Welk Timeshare properties are famous because of their service offered to members. Currently, Lawrence Welk’s grandson Jon Fredricks manages the group.

Besides San Diego, California based resorts, the group’s portfolio includes Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Lake Tahoe in Branson, Mo, and timeshare resorts in Palm Springs. It is also constructing resorts in Breckenridge, Colo and Kauai, Hawaii. Group’s own company has constructed most of their resorts. According to Fredricks, the company has never lost its money till date.

The group’s directors are Welk family members and one of its former presidents. Plus, group’s 12 percent stake has been contributed as part of employee stock ownership plan.

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