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A good day running. 28 degrees in Ohio today but without the humidity of the last few days. Ran well this morning, punched out my first marathon in 4.17 which I was pretty happy with. This afternoon was a little tougher as the sun started to bake me. I’ve added some pics from the bike yesterday and some from today. I have a lot of pics of me on the bike and they all look like I am on the same road. They are actually different roads! I met a guy today called Burt Montgomery, a 90 year old army vet who served in Korea. He was out on his lawnmower mowing the grass on the side of his 2000 acre soya bean farm He donated 20 dollars. What a great guy. I also saw two people going to the supermarket on sit on lawn mowers! They did their full weekly shop and then drove off bags and all! Today I hit 12,000 calories burnt for the day. Tonight we are in Loveland Ohio. We are staying with a friend from university. A beautiful place. Thanks for all the messages. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate them! They are what keep me going. We have debated today about what I could call my next blog about this challenge. Any ideas? Let’s see what you guys can come up with. Tomorrow we are on the bike again. 150 miles here we come!

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Batesville. After a great night with friends we got out on the bike in good time. Today has been a shorter day. We have worked hard over the last few to take today down to 81 miles. I needed and the team needed it too. We are currently sat at an RV site taking in some sun and trying to use a couple of hours extra to recover. Tomorrow I run to Indianapolis and then onto Chicago. I can’t thank Sion and Shelly enough for their hospitality last night. I don’t think they quite know how much it meant to the whole team The cycling today was hard even though it was only 81 miles. The Tarmac wasn’t quite as smooth with a lot of potholes which made me feel like I was working much harder than normal. We have taken some time to restock the RV. We know the next push is going to be very hard. The heat has changed from hot and humid to a more dry heat. The heat is the one thing I was fearsome of and it is proving very very hard going. I can feel my body losing shape. It almost feels like it’s turning soft?! It’s 30 degrees here today and only going to get hotter as we cross Route 66. Sun cream, Gatorade and H20. Thank you for all the donations! We are nearly at £1000. The likes on FB are getting close to 5000. I reckon with one big push we could make it to the 5000! Come on Faceblog let’s see what you’ve got!

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