How to Travel in Panama

It is sadly time to say goodbye to our beautiful little Hut in Paradise the Sun is just beginning arrived here at yonder resort one of my favorite places in the entire world over instead of a couple times when. I’m everyone. So after my entire life places easily cut off.

I have literally not received anything from the outside world common places the road oh the airport right here alright guys. We’ve arrived here at the airport has a way all my stuff before getting on the plane. Because it’s like a 12 feeder oh we got a nice little tiny flame today alright here it is we’re over here we’re gonna come in let’s go to landing there’s our ride folks oh there goes my luggage alright guys we are now getting on this tiny little plane they just had a wild Atlantic well.

I wish, and say that. But it like did a full on turn pops on mountains come in the landing strip may be interesting thank you very much a really great success doing such an amazing time thank you very much Donna it has been so much buckets to you again, and have a good day all aboard much room for them engine one out we have landed, and that was like.

I feel like. I paid for a helicopter, and like. I was like really see next we got to see is almost like looking back at all the blogs as we flew over all the iconic places we visited for Panama City in the five days leading up from Elora that was a really cool way to come back into the city.

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I’m definitely glad we flew yeah a little scary for sure you can see both the propeller when you write the left. I can pick it off. But the tools in the cockpit look like the same fools.

I had in mind like 92 Volkswagen Caprio career back in civilization. I have internet back on my phone again. I’ve got like only notifications for again sounds like there’s going just like rushing for my modeling like this is Abby’s first time here.

But Blake. And I spent five days hanging out up my suitcase is running with in Casco Viejo the vultures are back out in full force, and this is the rooftop bar. But we also had some amazing macaroni, and cheese here all right with you we got some editing done went on blake is over there whenever he’s dude son he just like walked over there like an old man he’s just laying in the Sun he’s definitely he’s an old man trapped in a young man’s body he’s got a few words that’s one thing you know all right.

So we have gotten in our uber, and we’re off to our hotel for the night yes. I can see much a Panama City from the clay to explore, and get out here look at this place not bad hey. So this is our room for the room pretty nice pretty nice.

And I requested an upper floor ooh check that view too bad though that the windows are so dirty. So I just got off a whatsapp call.

And I’ve got a big trip in store in the summer we’re going somewhere very unusual, and doing something exceptionally unusual. I’m so so excited it’s something.

I’ve never done before gonna be a seven-day trip. So not a super long one. But he’s going to bring the blog to a place that it’s never been.

I’m going with one of my best friends. So it’ll be a lot of fun, and you guys actually know Stein. So Stein will be back in the blog right now we’re checked into our hotel what are we gonna do now Abby wants to see Panama City is our place tonight pretty swaggy this was.

I don’t know. I think it was only like 70 us. So I found a pretty good deal here considering.

I keep comparing it to Caledonia when we stayed in a room that you would literally hit the bed frame if you tried to open the door. So Abby. And I have taken an uber here into Old Town, and Blake has stayed behind to do some editing.

Because we’re falling behind a little bit it was hard to keep on schedule while enjoying the most beautiful tropical islands right ahead of me here you will see about 30 different police officers they meet here at 6 p.m. every night, and they actually take down the Panamanian flag.

I was told by tanya when we came by here that you’re technically supposed to stop your car while they’re taking down the flag. But no one really does it anymore, and the right now we’re doing a bit of street photography. We’ve got all the lens with us.

So this is a 24 to 70 in 2.8 this is like – this is definitely like the best all-around shooter if you had one lens this would be a 24 to 70, and then this one is really good for getting like the background blur the seventy two hundred billion f/4. But as the is with the Zeiss internal stabilisation which means that your hand shaking is stabilized the zoom is a little bit, and this is the reason.

I use the Canon glass. I actually get asked this quite a bit now it’s like what are you doing with your gh4, and you still recommend the gh4 for the g 85, and for those who are camera people. I still very much use my JH for my D 85.

I don’t use. Because the gh4 is better the reason. I’m not traveling with my gh4 is not.

Because I don’t like the camera it’s still my favourite travel camera curious. But the a7s2 is able to use the exact same lenses as my 5d this is like the best for photography gh4 is okay for photography, and then the a7s2 has some slight edges over 2gh for although it’s definitely not living up to the price this here is our second last night here in Panama City, and then from there we’re going back to Vancouver Canada. I think.

I’m spending about seven days like a week at home, and then. I’m going off to another country with someone. I’m really excited to introduce you guys to he’s basically going to be like full throttle part of Kim get lost like him.

And I are going to be bringing you guys daily content as we travel to the next location you’ve never met this guy before. I’ve never even met her before. But the internet does strange things.

And I’m really excited he’s a very talented editor, and basically he’s going to be doing what Blake is doing for me right now as. I’ve kind of worked more, and more like it’s working. So smoothly to be able to have more free time to work on the color grading making sure that the clips are being you know shown as I’d like them to be it’s overall a really great system the only downsides are cost of course it’s a lot more expensive to be traveling with three people than it was two, and two people than it was one for the next trip actually Abby will not be joining me, and the new guy.

I know. I know. I’m dizzy recently all of February.

So I will be able to join which. I’m really sad about. But you can get stuff done for my own my old projects.

I’m working on. So unfortunately. I’m requires me at home.

But Christian. I come like end of March we’ll be travelling basically together as a team she’s a really really exciting places. I’m super set with that.

I’m like are any snow to help damn good we’re going to meet a lot of you when we go on our next lengthy trip together we definitely will yeah definitely. But there’s another trip that’s mid-march together oh yeah. I like a home beginning of March oh yeah hi Marcus it’s not like.

I don’t see a few months yes oh yeah all of it won’t we be wait for each other for months. But then we’re home for a little bit, and then we go on another trip Scott right here. I was like figure it out found a nice warm wrong Falacci enjoying the sunset all right guys today was a Loki blog.

But it was a good day. I can’t believe we flew from the island to Panama City in that little tiny plane it was basically like getting a full tour of the island, and just paying for transportation. So it’s kind of like a two-in-one it felt a little sketchy at first.

But we landed we’re happy we’re alive, and well to be a really good day we’re going to be meeting up with Tanya you gotta remember Tanya’s one who brought us to the Panama Canal she lived here in Panama City, and she’ll be showing us. I think we’re gonna go to a beach stick news, and let’s get lost against tomorrow good day.

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