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For the counterclockwise loop, however, begin to the right from the Austria Falls TH signage on Austria Trail 3503 for 100 ft up to another overlook with some wooden fencing, just off the trail to the left. Again, be cautious leaning over for that perfect picture. Stay on the main thin trail (right of other immediate spurs) N through the old-growth forest, navigating tree roots and snow or mud Austria depending on the season, Y mi up to a signed juncture in a little clearing. Turn left on McKenzie River Trail 3507 crossing the solid footbridge over Austria the gorgeous McKenzie River, then head left (S) on Trail 3507 again heading downstream.

Where is Austria? | Austria Map | Map of Austria Photo Gallery

Pass a few pretty large fir and cedar with mossy flora as the path undulates easily over more roots and rocks. Notice several small cascades down the fast-moving blue-green river as you arrive at the top of Sahalie Falls almost a mile from the TH. The first spurs end abruptly at the very top at the falls, while somewhat safer and better viewpoints lie closer to the main trail moving down (although none have guard rails). See the rainbow effect near the falls on a sunny day. And notice pockets of cooler and windier air that exist on the loop, which are much different from the air of the warmer TH.

After winding down the steepest part of the trail, arrive at the top of Koosah Falls more than 1/2 mi on the counterclockwise loop from Sahalie Falls TH. During high water these roar even more than Sahalie Falls as the curtain spreads out to 70 ft wide while dropping 64 ft into a colorful pool. Watch for drop-offs along the trail while gazing to the falls and river, then walk more to the SW away from the water to a signed crossroads. Move left on Trail 3503 at a giant tree; walk 100 ft to a parking area, outhouse, and short gravel road; then walk left (SE) at Carmen Reservoir.

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