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Hey guys another bright side day here in Vancouver.

And I could be happier about it it is thursday morning 11am, and this morning. I was all over the social medias. And I have finally figured out what.

I’m going to be using as my snapchat my Twitter. And I even have an Instagram name change that’s going to happen pretty soon the reason. I’ve been hesitating for.

So long to make these big changes is because. I’ve been waiting to figure out what could be my brand that. I could keep while traveling for let’s say the next two years to maybe my entire career as a social media or put yourself in my shoes where you have to figure out what you’re going to call yourself, and you don’t want to be sick of it one year two years down the line you have to keep in mind that if you wanted to pivot let’s say.

I didn’t want to do travel anymore you know you don’t want to be stuck with travel guide 305. Because you don’t do travel anymore. So it’s been pretty tough.

I could not get Christian LeBlanc for snapchat it doesn’t even fit as user name. I can’t get it for Twitter. Because it’s takin Instagram it’s taken.

I mean it’s really really hard getting one commonality across all platforms, and without being too specific. So what. I have done is.

I’ve kept my last name. Because I need some sort of an identifier, and I added lost. So from now on my snapchat my twitter, and soon to be my instagram is lost leblanc now with that being said I also have a very very clever hashtag in mind get lost you see what.

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I’m doing kind of chiquis kind of fun kind of wanderlust e you know very cool right. I know thanks guys pat on the back. I haven’t actually made the official transition i’ll probably be announcing it in the next week i’m going to wait a bit longer until i’m almost ready to leave for my trip.

Because nevada is coming up pretty soon, and I also want to just say that it is now just over two months ago that I was sitting at my desk job typing away on excel looking at spreadsheets being miserable it like if I take a second to look oh my gosh Guinness you’re so gross there’s one thing that makes me excited to get other houses these that one dog is. So annoying if I look back two months I was constantly stressed out.

I could actually feel it physically like. I was drained. I was mentally not there.

I just was constantly in my own head asking myself am. I supposed to be here am I following the right path, and you know ever since. I committed myself to following this path ever since.

I handed in my resignation handed in my laptop, and walked away from a corporate job that. I knew was not for me. I have felt miles better there’s very few things in my day now that stress me.

I mean yeah you could say it’s. Because you’re sitting at home, and you don’t have a job. But the truth is it’s because.

I’m doing something that. I love, and it’s something that motivates me makes me want to get out of bed in the morning it’s been the best decision. I’ve ever made.

I actually feel like. I almost escaped life in a sense. Because a lot of people you know you finish University, and you almost have the impression it’s like okay now you get fed into the corporate lifestyle where you’re getting pushed into working your 40 hours to 60 or 90 hours a week, and for me.

I just feel like. I escape that all together, and it’s like. I know.

I look around. And I I don’t know some friends who are very fortunate they like their jobs that’s great they want to work hard they’re doing great jobs that’s amazing. But there’s a lot of people, and I’d say the majority people aren’t the same case they feel like they’re being forced into a job that they don’t want to do.

I feel. So thankful to have found something that. I really like to found something that has become a feasible option as a career it’s.

So easy to lose track of what you’ve really accomplished. But if you actually take you know a couple minutes, and ask yourself what did. I actually accomplish over these one month this two months this you know this year.

And I look at myself as. I just left my job. And I’ve already accomplished some of my goals that.

I had for the year you know. So things are just going. So well.

And I really think that’s in a testament to the power of following your passion. I know this is a long tangent but I don’t know if you guys remember about three weeks ago.

I went downtown how to lunch with a guy who I’d never met my life he simply emailed me saying hey Christian my name is. So. And So we have a lot in common I’d love to meet with you.

And So we went met for lunch really really amazing guy, and the funny thing is he was actually working the exact same job as me at a different company. But the exact same role he was one year ahead of me, and he was working at a great job a job that would guarantee him financial prosperity. But like me he was constantly asking himself am I doing the right thing why am.

I here, and what really inspired me about his story was that despite his crazy hours, and when I see crazy hours. I actually mean it is the job demands a lot of you he would use his vacation time to go home, and work on this project you have three weeks of vacation time in a year most people aren’t willing to sacrifice that vacation time to work more this guy went home he took to vacation days, and for you know 12 hour 14 hour days he set forth his idea in motion he’s only been working on this business for two months maybe six months maybe a year i’m not quite sure on the details.

But why he does is before he gets to work he actually wakes up two hours early to do all of his cold calling, and this guy is honestly just the definition of what it takes to really achieve what you want why. I’m coming back to the story is the coolest part was about two weeks ago he actually sent me a text message saying. I’ve just handed in my resignation he’s decided to pursue the thing that really motivates him, and he doesn’t love the business he started.

But he loves what it can do for him it means he can be flexible he can travel he can work from his laptop, and for me that’s the exact same thing like being a blogger. I never thought I’d be a blogger. But the second.

I figured that. I could actually make a business off of doing something that. I like, and do it from my laptop it became my number one priority needless to say.

I don’t want to name drop just in case he wants to keep his resignation more private right now. But we do plan to meet, and travel at some point. So maybe South America will be in our horizon then I say i’m editing the blog that you will seen before this blog, and all my sony footage it was doing this last time to.

But now it’s like ridiculous it’s so choppy I can hardly even at it. So I don’t know how this is gonna turn out.

But I don’t have time to protect it I need a new computer. So bad all right chef leblanc up in the cooking house we making some fajitas well i’m not making them my mom made them. But we got those leftovers this is like my favorite kind of meal want to go for a walk.

And I’m unfortunately back at the bus loop. I’m dead downtown alright I just got off the sky trees, and I am at this little hole in the wall chinese cafe did you kept baking together the same sentence. But they do.

And I just really have to teach. I’m going to put my blog, and camera down okay. So my mom is just a couple blocks away.

And I’m about to meet her got a Hong Kong style coffee which. I didn’t even know that was think. But it’s pretty good.

I definitely could tell though this little place here they’re not used to seeing white people. And I looked like out of place. But also they were looking at me like.

I was invading their personal space it was kind of funny didn’t feel too welcomes. But that’s what you get when you live in Vancouver. I guess go run water here bring you all right.

So my mom dropped me off here in Chinatown, and you didn’t hear that screaming match it’s a bit of a rougher area that’s bit of an understatement it’s a rougher area. But it’s actually starting to turn into kind of a hipper place. So more, and more people are seeing move here, and my chicken.

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