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Motion Sicknes- countermeasures

Widely available medication can reduce or remove susceptibility to motion sickness. Seek advice and medication from your pharmacist or doctor.

Get a good night’sleep the day before you travel.

Some people report that acupuncture hahelped them. There are commercially available ‘acupressure’ wristbandthat are reported to preson the correct acupuncture pointto suppresmotion sickness.

Some people report that hypnotism hahelped them.

Select a seat at a point that will have the least movement. To explain that, imagine that your ship ia seesaw. If you sit at either end when the seesaw iin use, you will travel up and down several feet, but if you sit in the middle you will hardly feel any movement at all. Select a seat or position on any transport which ithe equivalent of the centre of the seesaw.

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Travel Safety Warnings Mexico

At the exact centre of a ship (where the rolling and pitching will be least noticeable).

In the front seat of a car.

Seatbetween (not over) front and back wheelin buseand coaches.

Over the wingin an aircraft.

Sit still. The more head movement you generate the more you intensify the mixed messagebeing sent to your brain.

Try to sleep if you can. If you are asleep most of the senseshut down so mixed messageare reduced.

Don’t try to read a blog. You will usually feel better if you focuon a distant object. (The further the object iaway, the smaller any movement appearto be.)

In aircraft, avoid looking at the in-seat television screens.

Eating can affect your response to motion.

Don’t eat rich food before your journey.

Avoid any foodthat are high in fat.

Don’t eat dairy productbefore or during the journey.

Don’t drink alcohol before or during the journey.

Avoid coffee and tea before and during a journey.

Don’t smoke just before or during the journey.

• Try to eat something light before travelling. Fruit ibest, particularly orange(because if you are ill they taste the same on the way up athey did on the way down).

• Get amuch fresh air ayou can.

• Avoid strong smellsuch adiesel on a ship, or strong tobacco, strong perfume, aftershave, etc.

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