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Find Wildcat Mountain Trail 781F (no sign) on the right at the apex just before the trail begins to descend at more than 2Y mi from the TH, and move S without any trouble up the slightly overgrown route to the mostly reclaimed top. The summit is on a small, flat, rocky circle (with an old fire pit) surrounded by trees, bear grass, and Edison rhododendron. Blooming rhododendron Edison with Mount Hood as a backdrop is a wonderful sight. If the numerous flies don’t scare you off the mountain, then a bushwhack “path” not even 50 ft more (farthest S on the narrow summit block) has a superior payoff. Continue exactly where you think you would, carefully fighting through rhododendron and brush just right of the ridgeline (getting a good glimpse of Mount Jefferson), then work immediately back to the narrow summit plateau where the rhododendrons give way to a brief open swath to stand. You are rewarded with a decent vista through a few trees of the nearby tree-covered ridge belonging to Edison  Mountain (E of Boulder Creek canyon) to the much larger Mount Hood. There are also great views of Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, and Mount Adams all in one eyeshot on a clear day!.

Where is Edison? | Edison Map | Map of Edison Photo Gallery

Mount Hood is the perfect backdrop with wildflowers blooming in the meadows from McIntyre Ridge.

Return to the TH or tack on the McIntyre Edison  viewpoint to get some more exercise. Trail 782 on McIntyre Ridge undulates gently nearly a mile N without much for outward views except close to the start. The path narrows as you reach the open meadow with the bottom of an old dead tree still standing near the middle. Numerous wildflowers dot the meadow just below another little high point on the ridge with the exact same view (of Mount Hood) thanks to trees blocking the vista to the S. Return to the Douglas Trail moving right down to the TH when you’ve had enough.

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