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According to recent reports, motorhomes are becoming an increasingly popular concern among younger consumers. This has been reflected by a growth in sales across Europe, while we have also seen brands use social media channels to effectively target younger UK demographics.

As motorhome holidays continue to appeal to younger demographics, we have seen the typical travelling experience change beyond all recognition. I have experienced this first-hand, as during one of my most recent trips I decided to explore some of the UK’s best-kept secrets and most exciting walking trails.

3 of the UK’s most Spectacular walking trails

With this in mind, it is worth asking precisely which walking trails offer the best hiking experience for outdoor enthusiasts and motorhome adventurers in the UK. Here are my picks: –

1. The National Park in the Yorkshire Dales

I recently penned a diary entry discussing my trip to the Yorkshire Dales, and this also exposed me to some superb walking and hiking trails. Many of these can be found in the region’s National Park, which offers some of the most diverse hiking trails including idyllic waterfalls, hidden caves and stunning viaducts.

My favourite was the Ingleborough peak, which is home to some spectacular greenery and truly awe-inspiring sights. It is also a manageable peak, so therefore ideal for families and older travellers as well as younger holiday-goers.

The Brecon Beacons

For those with a more adventurous outlook, the Brecon Beacons offer a challenging and rewarding hike. This mountain range is one of three National Parks in South Wales, and I was fortunate enough to visit there a few years ago.

Not only this cover an exceptional 1347 square kilometres of diverse terrain and greenery, but it is also home to the stunning Black Mountain peaks and picturesque Fforest Fawr. There are even village hikes that combine nature and architecture, which is ideal if you are not keen on mounting the towering Pen y Fan peak and similar mountains.

The South Downs

Interestingly, this is Britain’s newest National Park, and I was able to experience its four years after it was named back in March 2010. It’s peak stands at a staggering 1600 square kilometres, starting in Winchester and reaching out towards the beautiful, mountainous terrain of the iconic Beachy Head.

I particularly enjoyed the ancient woodlands, which stretch out between the renowned Seven Sister cliffs and the peaks of Beachy Head. In this respect the South Downs stands as the best countryside nature trail, making it ideal for young couples or individuals who enjoy getting away from it all.

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