Reasons to Visit Hawaii

We’re looking at this beautiful state’s most intriguing and appealing attractions.

10 The Main Islands, Hawaii Has 137 Official Islands Of Those There Are Eight Main Islands.

reasons to visit hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, Niihau, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and Hawaii, also known as the Big Island. Each one is as varied as the people who live there. Hawaii Island is known first and foremost for its volcanoes, one of which, Kilauea, has been erupting since 1983. Hawaii is famous for its hiking trails. With two of the best options being Kalalau Trail and New Alolo Trail both offer spectacular views of the islands, dramatic peaks and valleys. For nightlife, shopping and some of the best beaches on Earth, head to Oahu and the state capital of Honolulu. Finally, there’s Maui where you’ll find the HANA Highway. More on that in a minute.

9 Map of Hawaii

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The Food. Let’s Forget About Beaches And Volcanoes For A Minute And Focus On Something Not Typically Associated With Hawaii

Great food with so many different cultures. Calling Hawaii home, the archipelago boasts a variety of cuisines, cooking methods and dishes guaranteed to make your mouth water. While the now ubiquitous poke pineapple and the contentious yet tasty poi are all must rise, you can’t visit Hawaii without Downing a cup or six of locally grown Kona coffee. And while we do recommend attending a luau. You’ll also need to hit up local hot spots like Helena’s Hawaiian food in Honolulu, or why a holy Poi factory in kaneo hey, your stomach and your wallet will thank you.

8 Wildlife Whether On Land, Sea Or Air

reasons to visit hawaii

There’s no shortage of animals to marvel at in Hawaii. Home to a wide range of species, from Wallabies and axis deer, to sea turtles and dolphins, Hawaii can feel like it’s bursting with life even when you’re 100 miles from the nearest city. One of the most popular activities is whale watching, as every year thousands of humpback whales migrate from Alaska to mate just off the coast. If getting up close and personal as your thing Charter a boat tomorrow, Keeney crater for some scuba diving there. Find Clearwater’s perfect for observing the hundreds of different underwater species. Oh, and don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the exceptionally named Uma Nukunuku Apua Hawaii State Fish.

7 Hana Highway, One Of The Most Scenic Drives On Earth

reasons to visit hawaii 1

Maui’s Hana Highway is just 64 1/2 miles long, but can take nearly three hours to traverse hundreds of narrow curves and one lane bridges make getting from Kahoo Louis to the town of Hana difficult. However, this only serves to enhance what’s already a truly transcendent experience. The HANA Highway is flanked by magnificent waterfalls, lush greenery, numerous lookout points, and food stands serving up local delicacies. The upper why Connie falls are a must see, as is the Ho’okipa lookout. If you’re looking to take a break from driving, why not do a quick hike along the I Ridge trail or have a picnic at Coki Beach? Beyond Hana is Haleakala National Park, a must see for its otherworldly landscapes.

6 Endless Oceanic Activities

reasons to visit hawaii 2

When people think of Hawaii, they think of picturesque ocean views, complete with surfers, riding waves, scuba divers, exploring the ocean floor and catamarans floating gently beneath the warm sun. And they’re right. Hit up Kukio beach in Honolulu for a surfing lesson or stay dry and watch the pros tear it up at the Banzai pipeline in Oahu. With its clear waters and abundance of sea life, scuba diving and snorkeling are extremely popular throughout Hawaii and two of the best places to give them a try. Our Maui turtle town. And Oahu’s North Shore. However, if getting wet isn’t your thing, you can always experience Hawaii’s Ocean activities from the safety of a boat.

5 Weather There Is Pretty Much No Better Place In The World To Chase

reasons to visit hawaii 1

Delightful warmth than Hawaii at its coldest, the archipelago sees its temperature dipped to just 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is a rarity in the summer months. The temperature averages out to around 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine that with a cool ocean breeze and a cold drink. And you’ve got the definition of a tropical paradise. While it’s true that Hawaii maintains its lushness thanks to frequent showers, these tend to be brief and for the most part, Hawaii stays sunny year round for the perfect combination of good weather and minimal crowds. Your best bet is to visit Hawaii in the springtime.

4 Culture. One Of America’s Most Diverse States

reasons to visit hawaii 3

Hawaii is home to an assortment of different cultures from around the world. About 1/4 of the population is Caucasian. There’s a significant Hispanic minority and 60% of the population is Asian, with roughly 20% of the state tracing their ancestry to the original native Hawaiian population. While some will undoubtedly think of hula dances when they imagine Hawaiian culture, and yes, hula dancing is amazing. It’s far from the state’s only cultural contribution to the world. Art, music, and dance. All kinds are all part of IE’s rich history. Ukulele eases anyone for a more comprehensive understanding of Hawaii’s history and culture. Be sure to visit the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.

3 Map of Hawaii The Aloha Spirit

reasons to visit hawaii 4

Traveling means experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. This can be a bit nerve wracking for some, but if you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, you need not worry. The state’s warm hospitality is famous around the world embodied by the Aloha Spirit, the literal translation of Aloha is the Breath of Life considered a state law. Yes, really. The Aloha Spirit is intended to serve as a code for all Hawaiians to respect all people. Quote. The Aloha Spirit is the coordination of mind and heart within. Each person brings each person to the self. Each person must think and emote good feelings to others. Amen

2 Volcanoes Seeing As How Hawaii

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Is the product of undersea volcanoes whose eruptions millions of years ago, formed the island chain we know today it’s only natural that the state has remained a literal hotspot for volcano enthusiasts the world over. 2 volcanoes. The Aforementioned Kilauea and Loihi. Although Kilauea might finally be settling down as of 2022, with the latter located underwater and possibly poised to create a new island sometime in the future if getting up close and personal with an active volcano isn’t for you. Be sure to check out Maui dormant Haleakala hiking this 10,023 foot behemoth is no easy feat, but seeing the sunrise will make it well worth the journey.

1 Beaches Regardless Of Which Island You Choose To Visit

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There’s a magnificent stretch of beach with your name on it. Somewhere in Hawaii, with a combined main island coastline of 750 miles, Hawaii is home to hundreds of beaches, each offering visitors something different from tourist hotspots like Oahu, Waikiki Beach to the picturesque Hapuna Beach on the Big Island to the more secluded Pohaku Beach in Molokai. The options are plentiful. There are black sand beaches. Red sand beaches, rocky beaches, and even one covered in sea glass. The best thing about Hawaii’s beaches is that they are all open to the public. So what are you waiting for?

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