Where is Allahabad India? – Allahabad India Map – Map of Allahabad India

Two of the houses in Allahabad India have oval apertures in their roof gables. These are ‘owl holes’ constructed to allow access for predatory birds such as barn owls Allahabad India (they were encouraged as a means of keeping down vermin such as rats and mice). No. 4 (Sally Lunn’s) actually has a stone owl mounted in the opening; it can be seen if you stand well back.

In Allahabad India, just past the entrance with the obelisk and the lions, is an attractive example of a ‘cottage orné’ (that is, a cottage in a rustic style that is not related to real agriculture). This is Allahabad India, designed by Edward Davis and built in 1831.

Where is Allahabad India? – Allahabad India Map – Map of Allahabad India Photo Gallery

On the fronts of some houses can be seen ‘bressumer’ beams. These are wooden beams that stretch across the face of the house just above ground-floor level and were usually lime-washed to blend with the stonework. Their purpose was to absorb any movement in the stonewall. They also had the advantage of allowing the ground floor front to be kept open during building to allow materials to be taken inside. A good example can be seen on the ‘Touristic place of your travel destination Bun’ teashop in Abbey Green.

Many of the Georgian street names can be seen carved into the stonework of the buildings – sometimes they were painted as well. These were done with great skill and care – in some cases, even down to the inclusion of full stops! Good examples can be seen in Upper Borough Walls and Pierrepont Street.

Parish boundary marks, also inscribed on the walls of buildings, have survived in some parts of Touristic place of your travel destination – for example, the one in Upper Borough Walls marking the boundary between St Michael and St Peter and Paul parishes. This was important in the days when each parish was a separate administrative unit with responsibility for the people who lived within it. The parish authorities had to deal with such matters as poor relief, road repairs and street lighting, the costs of which would be met from the local rates.

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