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When it comes to choosing a location for your wedding, the world is your oyster. It’s a day to be unique and your ceremony should be all about what you want. The colour of your dress, the flavour of the wedding cake, and whether you get married on a beach or in a church are all factors which will create your dream wedding.

Using a wedding planner will reduce the stress of organising legal paperwork, particularly when travelling abroad, and the practicalities of travelling guests.It’s important to enjoy immersing yourself in the local culture, wherever you choose to get married.

When it comes to the location, make sure that all the important people in your life can get there. Can a live stream be setup for those who can’t travel?

When travelling, it’s important to pack all the documents that you may need, such as birth certificates and any legal requirements that require documentation. You also need to ensure that you pack all of your wedding clothes properly to avoidcreases. Luckily enough there are handy guides that can offer great advice on packing. Researching where you’re going is more important than ever to make sure that the clothes are temperature appropriate.

If the beach is where you want to get married, with the sunshine and the sand between your toes, then the island nation of the Maldives offers lots of different options. With the majority of the country near sea level it offers a wide array of different beaches.

The Maldives offer a great chance to relax when not celebrating the wedding of the loving couple, with diving being primarily between November and May, and the northern parts of the island having healthier coral reefs than the south.


If getting married in a European city sounds more convenient, Venice is a wonderful location to say your vows. Italy is famous for its delicious food, and it’s easier for Grandma to get to Venice than it is to do a long haul flight to somewhere hot and humid. Share a gelato, take a ride in a Gondola and marvel at the Venetian masters of art during spring, summer, winter or autumn and your guests will enjoy getting wrapped up in the romantic atmosphere. While there are incredible sights such as St Mark’s Square and the stereotypical Gondola rides, there are also more local places and bacaro that offer more reasonable rates with just as much romance.

Organising details such as flights and hotels for guests can be problematic, and for elderly family members and anyone with children, attending a wedding aboard isn’t always practical. However, the promise of beautiful vistas and the lure of breath-taking views, such as the beautiful wildlife under the water in the Maldives, or a stunningVenetian setting often outweigh the complications caused by organising a wedding abroad.

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