And clicking like do you like to come down Komachi make 3d points to a formal party oh good morning guys. So we are now doing the five island tour, and we paid 600 baht we’re now headed to our longtail boat at the pier those are all fish right there like that’s got to be at least a few thousand says damn, and we’re off the pain we just arrived at a first stop this year is sharks Bank, and the reason was called shark.

Because actually sharks you might see here sharks turtles. But apparently they’re lame sharks. So they don’t eat humans it just eat coral right now.

I’m flying the drone. I got my co-pilot what’s your name how was the first doc it was fine no your fish like there wasn’t that many finished. But it’s still cool there’s a coral.

I thought sea cucumber floor has been trying to learn tide for some time, and we’re going to see if it works. Because she’s going to ask the little boy what his name is we tried asking him doesn’t know what we’re saying perfect yes good. And I have borrow interested ah second stop Vietnam outlook base.

We’ve arrived at the second stop they let my dude weh-weh gopal the water here is super salty you flow pretty well it’s also extremely clear you can see lots of fish. I know that the coral line here is not as good as it used to be. Because there’s.

So much traffic to come through here everything from both polluting to people coming through suits the odds that you see like bigger fish or turtles or mini sharks is pretty unlikely most of sea creatures know not to hang around this area. But it’s definitely a good little day trip to go, and explore beautiful kids don’t cause the home josh is a trained expert this family from Barbados they basically have to be fish living. I saw the planets arbitrate God when you find a way with your face too far you’re a little more yeah how did you speak to like take you down slowly cuz the more you like paddle the more you use your energy yeah, I’ll try to do for every alley Katta marrow.

I like sprinted down that. I like yeah cat. I just try to like time like how much air.

I’m gonna have going back up. Because I get to play Captain fences. I got a deck to the vote we gotta get a little bit of freediving here with jobs or crying oh.

So fun dude that’s impressive. So we’re going to see we can do it up the next play of the banana good banana double got you can see heavy in life or you say to you what. I am NOT immortal a lot of it this is our final stop before we have some lunch on the boat, and today, and still no islands oh yeah yeah this is not a five island tour five beach tour Maivia it was advertised as a five island tour.

But this is like a five beach tour not what we bought. But cool it’s really nice dating sequel towel, and it’s actually a lot bigger of an island that. I expected some some rings.


So this is really similar to when Abby. And I got our patty we spent like two days on a boat just like this, and they have a coffee station which is just hot water, and like this coffee grind yeah some coffee made in there you got a box the cookie life’s pretty good on the scene that’s my favorite part of getting my pad use even the cookies. I didn’t like getting the patio with a very fun my brought to my first dive.

I was like. I hate this, and it’s really clustered over, and then after like the second or third. I start to enjoy it.

But it. I don’t know it’s still kind of like stressful especially to get in your potty you have to do horrible things like take your mask off underwater yeah. I can’t like not free through my nose.

And I hop down my nose flight. I thought. I was gonna die getting your patties basically like doing a safety course you spend a lot of time in the classroom spent a lot of time doing the stuff that’s not fun.

So that you can get to the fun stuff it’s hard for me to say that you shouldn’t do it. Because you never know if you’ll use it again down the road but. I’m going to say that probably most people get their patties will never dive after that it’s a fairly inexpensive place to get your patty.

So if you know you’re going to do some diving koh tao is the place to do it. I threw my coffee in the water, and all of these fish came running for it let’s throw a biscuit here they come look at this big kind of money yeah. I see they seem okay.

I like this kid on the back of the boat hello this is the fifth, and final stop at : onion we’re actually not going to go in the island. Because it’s a hundred baht, and we were here yesterday, and we ain’t got time for that. So we’re still on the boat slide the drone.

Because you’re not actually allowed to bring your drone on the island as we found out yesterday they confiscated our controllers. So here’s the workaround either bring a Mavic. Because you can hide in your bag then we’ll find out or bring two remotes, and give them the dummy romona podcast they also certain they have a gun to shoot it down yeah, and we saw fighter jet go by like it was.

So loud. I couldn’t like figure out what was going on until. I looked in the sky, and there was like one of those Raptors eyes up the cone you think.

So the that was an amazing day we now can say. We’ve been all around for Tom in every single bit of it, and a really beautiful island how was your day it was. So good yeah.

I was crazy to be it. Because nice to see. So many different places in one day exactly like be store that.

We’ve been going on happen. So awesome yeah even just hang it on the boat with now oh yeah it was a snorkel, and sacrifice getting very crispy. I units, and Chris today oh my gosh know what what am I doing.

I was clearly. So taken off-guard that is funny that is the most ingenious thing. I’ve ever feeling like we are printed on those plates.

I don’t know what they’re going to do with them maybe they can peel it off. But uh someone took my photo right here as we came in the gate. I had no idea why he was taking our photo Tessier how was yours did he turn out.

I look like. I’ve been traveling for days lost in the Sahara Desert. So this would not be the complete tour of koh tao if we didn’t show you one of the things that makes koh tao.

So awesome, and that is the nightlife. I’ve been to Kotel twice now, and one of the things. I’ve always loved is the thing we’re going to next which is what are we doing hotel club crawl, and Christians done it a few times.

So I’ve never tried it. I’m very excited it’s gonna be crazy but. I’m going to be leaving this big camera behind.

So I’m going to do a real nifty transition that looks a little something like what’s up guys. I wanted to finish off this blog by giving a massive thank you to t-bolt Tebow is a friend of mine from Paris who. I met through the internet.

So I meet most people these days. But he is the one that created that incredible animation you just watch at the beginning in the post. I’ve been meaning to guess one thing just like that made for ages now but.

I’ve just been. So busy, and one day he shoots me an email out of the blue saying hey. I would love to do an animation for you didn’t ask for anything in return he just wanted to be like a part of the blog wanted to help out.

And I wanted to thank you Tebow. Because it is. So cool to have that, and if you guys want to check out his work this is his Instagram handle check it out show him some love, and maybe if you’re looking to have some animations done yourself talk to him you’re also probably wondering you know where is all the pub crawl footage it’s gone.

I just don’t know where it went, and the Wi-Fi here is not very good. So I tried to download josh’s footage if you want to see more about the pub crawl check out josh’s blog which i’ll have link down below. Because he blogged out more successfully than I did he said guys let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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