Travel Advice And Advisories For Rio De Janeiro

When using any vehicle have a walk around before you touch it, open dooror get in. You don’t have to make it obvious, but an overall visual inspection could disclose threator cause for alarm. Start your inspection from a long way off because that allowyou to see underneath the car. When you are closer you can stoop down to tie your shoelace then take a look to see if there ianything suspicious. Your visual inspection could disclose cut break pipes, a device attached to the underside or packagepushed up to the back wheel or balanced on the front suspension arm, etc. You might see a trailing wire that seemto run around the corner. In the past terrorist bombhave been set off by a command wire. The terrorist setthe bomb then standaround the corner with a switch on a long wire and detonatethe bomb when he seeyou get in the car.

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Make sure that you have a quality vehicle. If you need to escape you might have to drive at high speed, or even push past (not crash into) a car blocking the road. A rusty old car with a suspect engine might not get you to your meeting, and it certainly won’t get you away from a terrorist attack, (if you are a very high-risk individual, consider taking defensive driving training from the organisationthat exist.)

Get a car with air conditioning if at all possible. That will make it more comfortable when you are driving safely with the windowall shut. An open car window ia temptation for somebody on foot or on a motorcycle to drop a bomb or hand grenade in through the window. Car windoware surprisingly tough. If somebody throwa grenade at a car window sometimeit will break the window and come in. but it could bounce off a side window and fall into the street. Devicewill certainly bounce off the front and rear screens.

If you are at the scene of or involved in a shooting, if you can do it safely, get away round the corner and run.

If you are too near the action or are not sure you could reach that corner safely, or if there ianother gunman around the corner, get down on the ground if at all possible behind something really solid.

Stay down until you are sure it haall finished.

Don’t pick up a fallen gun thinking you will protect yourself, because with a gun in your hand you become a target for the local police or army when they turn up.

When you hit the ground, stay there. Ayou lay there with bulletwhizzing around it may start to look safer over the road under that concrete wall, but getting there could get you killed! If you absolutely have to move – for example if the car you are hiding behind hacaught fire – crawl along the ground and use any cover you can. Even a kerbstone offersome protection so crawl along the gutter. Take a quick look to see which way to go – away from the shooteria good idea, but make sure that you take the safest and shortest path to the next available solid and safe shelter.

Avoid laying on the floor or near wallif you can, because ricochet gunfire tendto hug walland floors.

Despite the fact that on the television and in the movieeveryone hidebehind a car when the shooting starts, try not to. Bulletwill passtraight through car doors, seats, glasand into you. A car offerlittle protection from bullets. If you have to, the engine offerbest protection.

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