Abby died Lori’s looking good no.

We’ve been here for the past like two hours we woke up pretty early morning. I’ve been setting up lots of emails things are going really well with stuff my Instagram is bringing lots of cool stuff. I basically am being sent Daniel Wellington watches for Lauren.

I, and yeah they’re like two hundred, and thirty dollars for the men’s ones, and two hundred hours for the women’s. Because the men’s is a bit bigger. But they’re sending that to us, and we’ll put up a couple Instagram posts that’s really cool.

I think GoPro is likely gonna feature on my photo. So I sent them a bunch of our stuff, and yeah. I send out a few other emails, and put up with a really cool my blog post it’s the cows on canyoneering post somebody stoked on that one turned out quite well Abby.

And I are gonna go take the boat out, and enjoy a summer here Ottawa do you even go pro bro. So I’m all swagged out, and GoPro stuff. I might look a bit ridiculous at times.

But heading out see you later David yes. I’m so excited first time going on the boat this year the official starter of our time in Ottawa.


I love the cottage Abby you look like you’re still in Thailand Oh really China tie the boat we couldn’t figure out what’s wrong, and then we realized that was like tied to the dock it was like Oh a huge piece of rock that was tied down. So we’re just out here on the lake having the best time it’s so nice over here oh my gosh.

I could spend all day laura’s just relaxing my GoPro mount here we’re actually working on a post there’s a GoPro post submission contest. So for the month of July they’re having basically hero4 session submissions, and if the winner gets a trip to where was it to LA. I think, and there’s like a huge GoPro experience thing down there.

So I’m got two weeks why not put together a cool submission you ready ah to your left. I’m scared all right just making some Katy here at the cottage, and we just had a substitute is power power team the dream team Loreen has taken with the stern all right folks. I messed up on the macaroni.

I got a hot beat in matter, and family you know hold on a popcorn no go away seriously. I already gave you a bowl another beautiful night here at the cottage tomorrow we will get up do a whole lot of nothing. And I want to start working on my GoPro post do some more shots like we did today.

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