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Camping can be a great way to enjoy a family holiday, although exactly the type of holiday you will get will depend on the weather, the campsite you stay at, and just how well prepared you are. Generally, the better prepared you are when you leave, the more enjoyable you will find your stay. Otherwise, you will find yourself hunting for a local supermarket, trying to find a camping supply store, or booking into a hotel to avoid sleeping in the leaking tent.

Unfortunately, being prepared also means that you will likely need to utilise a lot more room in your vehicle of choice when travelling, and most family’s cars will not offer the kind of room that is needed to fit parents, children, any friends that might be accompanying them, and the mass of accessories, items, and equipment that you will want to take with you. A minibus not only offers the room that your family car probably doesn’t, but hiring one means that you don’t have to put the mileage or usage on your own car.

Depending on how experienced you are at camping, there are different grades of campsite. Some are located very close to towns and cities, have their own parking facilities, and even offer access to an on-site shop, entertainment, parks, and a takeaway. Alternatively, you can really enjoy an adventure camping trip by camping out in wilderness sites, where you will be lucky to find a shower, but that offer access to the real great outdoors. Bear in mind that you may have to drive through some challenging terrain to get to the more baron campsites.

Another advantage of hiring a minibus and going camping is that you don’t have to stay at a single campsite for the whole trip. In fact, you can pack up and move on whenever you like, or you can plan to spend a few days in each of a handful. This enables you to see different areas of the country, or different spots around a similar area.

Taking a minibus for this type of holiday means that you will have more room than in your family car. You can take more people, pack a bigger tent, and take a much greater variety of stuff. You can even take blow up settees, hobs that run on gas bottles, and an assortment of activities and toys to keep the kids entertained while you’re away.

Driving on a camping holiday, especially if you intend to tour around sites that are located in some of the more difficult to reach spots, can mean adding hundreds of miles on your car, and across challenging terrain; terrain that your car might not really be designed for. Renting an appropriate minibus or similarly sized vehicle means that you don’t have to rely on your car, or add the mileage to it, and this is especially beneficial if you typically rely on a compact vehicle with little ground clearance or something that is not designed for longer journeys.

Nationwide Hire offers a selection of vehicles, as well as a range of additional features and add-ons, for short- and long-term rentals. Rent a minibus, add European travel and include a second driver, and enjoy a great family camping trip.

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