Oh what’s up good morning guys it is day two here in Edmonton we are now leaving the room a bit of a French good morning as always we’re running late, and it’s time to get going let’s go this jacket is the cumbia thing. I’ve ever worn. I love it just stay close ahead oh yeah that always yep it is our second day here in Edmonton.

And We’ve just left the Metro Hotel we’re now going through the little brick cafe which. We’ve been told is an awesome place to get some coffee some food. I’ve never gone to a restaurant in something that feels like such a tiny little neighborhood it’s really cool Abby literally does affect my feels like someone’s like living room.

I like it very light cos. I can feel like a tech community here. I’ve heard the food is very good repping the lost letter today looking good celebrate available one locksmith Lanka say one inside Apple nothing we this here is one of the off metal-look points of the Edmonton skyline right behind me, and yeah today didn’t turn out to be as cold as we expected we actually cancelled a activity this morning.

Because it was supposed to be minus 31 it’s only like minus 19 now. I never thought I’d say that my entire life. But that’s a big difference when the star true baby Mommy has a high of you can all right.

LARGEST MALL IN NORTH AMERICA – West Edmonton Mall Photo Gallery

So go ahead, and back from our hotel we quickly dropped off the year, and we are going to West Edmonton Mall the biggest mall in the world as of like two decades ago it’s not any very excited big, and it. I don’t understand why it’s such a big mall. Because Edmonton is not that big of a place just seems very odd to me.

But we’re going to check it out got an indoor waterpark an indoor rollercoaster thingamabob ER. I mean that’s what. I was going to say before you come out.

And I have lots of other cool things to say. But also. I just.

I wanted to say that guys something really cool happened today sometimes. I make promotional posts for companies. So they can promote their product.

So they’ll run the ads on their own like not even on my blogs, and that’s also why it can be busy sometimes with side projects. But in this case. I actually made a music post.

So I partnered with spinnin records, and they’re massive they’ve got like 60 million on my blog, and they just put the post logs you want to check it out it’s called next summer by while oh you’ll see it on spinnin records super proud of how it turned out. I love it if you guys checked it out, and let me know what you think of it we just drive to the West Edmonton Mall this is kind of giving a bit of an example of how big this place is they have a massive Emporium area here they got Jitsu fights going down it’s absolutely, and right now we’re going to lose them, and turns out this girl that. We’ve been talking for a while is actually from Edmonton.

So we’re going to go say hi this is Carly. So Carly Reese on Instagram you excited yeah the right now. I’m in a change room at Lululemon trying on some clothing, and Carly is hooking it off like just.

So cool like again the power of social media she went to Southeast Asia with two other friends from Alberta. But they used all the locks posts actually help them plan their trip when Carly saw that we were in Edmonton shot us a message, and she’s like come on you have to come see me you have to say hi, and we made our way to get missing mall which. I’ve never been to before that’s the cool thing about social media you never know who’s going to introduce you.

But uh really really great people have had nothing. But great experiences event yes. So you’re just wrapping up in the Zulu by me here, and sir wasn’t him my name is Quan yeah literally found us you do.

I could have snapped as. I hate thunder that’s how I found you yeah put it on you on the west what doesn’t come off filled out my Heath in the mall.

I thought my manager. I’m like. I’m gone he’s uh.

I’m running out. I’m like where with Christmas. I kept trying to adhara, and everything.

I’m like wait a second Laurel probably follow me to Lululemon what is the member bernadinem. I I. And I he’s real he’s real he’s real Harvard.

I’ve been reading him for a very long time, and found a bug yes yes yeah he feels like my blog as you guys find us who live dives Oh bunny the car together is a good building. So the posts hello everyone this here is the amusement park inside of them all like you got roller coaster they’ve got twisty rise you’ve got bumper cars let’s go this is crazy. I did not expect this at all you can get yourself a new shoe when you share, and then afterwards pretty crazy they call it Galaxy land we found this thing that’s like tornado speeds winds echo Kristin that means it was fun event you could probably exchange for American ollie.

I just really want to film we do it’s going to charge this one here as a business expense it’s been approved here we go. So for a new buck you can you can get a hairstylist here at the Edmonton Mall pretty nice. I think my ex actually wasn’t as intense as.

I expected. So you know what hurricanes aren’t even scary. So for one year done shopping you know get your matey’s together off the poop deck, and head over to the fire that’s all.

I got well we found it this is insane this is literally the size of like a mall back home like just just the water park now again. I think this makes sense. Because like in Alberta, and Edmonton in particular it gets really cold alright guys.

So we’re back on Jasper AB this is literally where we went for drinks last night at the Clementine, and one down from it is a coffee shop full enough to keep with them. I have never in my entire life set up a meet up. And I wouldn’t call this a meet up.

Because it was quite impromptu it was set up like two hours ago. But after meeting like five six people in the mall. I was like.

I wonder what would happen if. I put out a little notice being like hey guys what’s up we’re going to a bar. So I put out a couple tweets we’re going to see who comes by the bar tonight if no one shows up.

I won’t take it personally sorry okay we know some people are coming. I’m really excited to see who comes, and says hi. I might be doing some Meetup you know back home in Vancouver.

I have yet to do that. And I know that there’s a lot of people who you know are out there, and I’d like to see you guys pretend to be a couple with Jeff everybody cool with a little bit of jalapeno alright oh yeah, and it’s great yes absolutely sounds good totally. So we’re at El Cortez, and this is like one of the most traditional Mexican restaurants in all Emison maybe the most is that the most.

I’m going to take them home it fits demos here’s the ancient myth lightly half an agave plant it flips it open, and they’re like oh wallah now. I can drink the tequila is the result of lightning hitting guava 100% Wendy fulfill 4,000 irredentism fremont st el padre this is like the best cocktail. I’ve ever had.

And I just feels a little bit alright massive shadow to El Cortez, and to Vinny for serving us tonight some of the best service some of the best food the best cocktail. I ever had this was definitely a memorable restaurant, and now we are going to situation brewery where. I’m having my semi eat up maybe no one shows up let’s go.

We’ve now arrived at. I just wanted real crazy okay we can hold there a lot of restaurants, and bars Wayne here just explained the entire process of like getting from basically having the grain to all the way the point where it’s finalized alcohol. And I’m going to try to recite what he just told me.

But let’s start from beginning step one you’ve got all sorts of different strains of mult, and they’re thrown into this gear machine back through this little output hose that’s the grinder from there the grinded up grains are sent into the mash tun, and basically this is the thing that stirs it up with like hot water it gets the flavors out of the ball, and from there the flavours have been extracted or pen through this whole system into the boiler boiler boils what you know been extracted from the mash tun, and then from there one pot it sent it through to a cooling tank kill it sent to the fermenting tanks, and the fermenting tank is basically where it will sit, and now that takes a full day to do this process, and then it’s going to take about three weeks for it to ferment, and become alcohol. So this here is one of the thermistors, and apparently pretty much don’t like a watch. Because you can see here all the bubbles that are going on right now it’s actually.

Because these, and the sugar in the liquid is actually in here are reacting together when it starts there’s no alcohol by three weeks in there’s maybe six to six, and a half percent alcohol depending on what kind of alcohol they’re making in that tank that that stream of brewing 101 cup. I mean come on here has very generously bought some stream. I’m supposed to edit tonight.

I don’t know how. I’m retiring houses people all around the world let’s see their homes believe it got a little weird to spell wedding now with me up unbelievable, and guys thank you so much for coming that’s.

So many people nothing. Because we way up tonight. And So much fun thank you guys first ever Mina was like a girl like.

I just. I feel like. So of anything, and it’s the cool thing was was that we were look like stay for two hours, and just like actually get you to everyone, and the thing is like everyone who came from me that’s like.

I wouldn’t be friends with in real life like Abby just said every single person there tonight with someone that would have been like real like real life friends with. I’m very tired right now. And I have to go home, and edit that’s not something.

I’m excited about right now. So that’s like you know any job has its ups, and downs it’s the daily blog has its downs too. But we got to get the production going, and and that’s how it goes.

So guys if you may have defined the post this sums up fun hit the subscribe button, and let’s get off again tomorrow you guys you’re late for the Meetup the fan meetup it’s over here such dedication this is like -20 weather, and they’re in pantyhose entirely happy very defensive oh my god you.

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