Ah we’re saying our goodbyes the Sawyer into Angelique she’s over there. I know not going anywhere we’re going to Komodo Island now. So Sawyer here goes.

I don’t know just wipe my feet out chew off my feet, and drag me that he’s actually meeting with Louis fun for Louie today which will be cool is he coming here yeah. I decided to get over the rent oh don’t cry Oh something cute will just come to a stop we like to cut it close we were the last ones on the plane. I hope Cody, and Josh around here trying to feel music, and everything already here in that second they where are the ones that almost get naked on the plane we’re in good times you trying to feel on top the view is.

So dragon Island. So I’m feeling music meditate that was a rocky landing similes. But Eddie landing.

I thought we were going to die on the landing. But yeah we shouldn’t everything we’re just coming to stop criticized is better appreciate its danger remember that here is the view from the 6th floor this is Labuan bajo the adventurous haven’t begun yeah, I’ll tell you what gets back in my day. I was a champion.

I was a champion either down there. I am next level excited. I’ve not had sushi in.

So long oh my god oh yeah nothing beats a cup of joe in the morning just throwing a scoop voila like a espresso art what up guys coming at you straight out of Flores this year’s the whips riding on 12-inch tires we paid about seventy five thousand rupiah for this for the day that’s like seven, and a half Canadian about five dollars us. So hands down the best way to travel is to rent a bike. Because you like you get to see everything you get smell everything you feel really immersed in the culture, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here today in Labuan bajo.

So right now. I’m actually blogging with the Google pixel. I’m using the front-facing camera that’s the most mind-blowing part of it all is this is not the back camera this is the front camera, and you can see the level of detail the dynamic range.


I mean there’s so much color being pulled through very impressive, and now this is the back camera this camera shoots 4k it is the highest-rated camera phone of all time period. I’m really excited to show you guys what kind of footage we can pull out today we’re good to go you guys are on my blog speak with my lawyer we’re cool oh dude dude you got the ends now they call them cool alright guys let’s go to the next stop this one is a toasty one we need some water desperately it’s.

So hot out here but. So so beautiful we’re currently at a fork in the road there’s three different directions we can go all of them lead to getting lost yeah you like that thanks Cody Josh didn’t even listen Josh has like 3G cellphone reception out here Abby. And I were our phones are dead sorry right now there’s a fork in the road except this another there’s another road behind us.

So we can explore any road we want hello what do this is there anything in here we just had to gun it up the hill. Because the hill was. So steep, and like really loose gravel if you don’t get enough speed you’re just gonna like slip back down we just got through a gated area we don’t know why it’s gated or what like what is here.

I don’t know what is life what is love baby don’t hurt me no more again this is being shot with the Google pixel right now this is the 4k image processing it even has digital stabilization which helps if it’s uh you know you’ve got a little bit of handshake it’s not as bad was a dream control all right buh-bye oh it’s so nice of them they just gave us much water. So we have no idea what’s down there.

But we see locals going down there, and that must be where they guard the secrets. We’ve taken some of the roughest roads. I’ve ever ridden.

We’ve arrived here at a dead end that says no trespassing. But like even the fact that there’s security cameras here like what look where we are we’re leg on the side of an island, and they’re security cameras today’s drone shots are brought to you by the one, and only Cody. Because my drone doesn’t work anymore.

I would get out to help but. I’m a blogger. I need to film it yeah yeah no film don’t worry about that we have officially lost Josh, and Cody.

But the coolest thing just happened. So we’re coming down this path right in front of us had to have been probably about like a two, and a half foot lizard now. I’m not going to say it’s for sure Komodo.

Because it’s obviously quite small for a komodo. But it was either that or an iguana. I’m going to say it’s a komodo a little tiny baby.

I didn’t realize this Komodo dragons here though. But that is ahead of a warning give be careful there very dangerous it’s a really big ones to beat you this is our final destination this is where we have taken our scooters to it has like a co 91 Elim to it she jumped how is it. I’m wearing jeans right now like cutoff jeans but.

I think. I need to go in there it’s like really hot out, and to be honest these shorts haven’t been cleaned in a while think saltwater is like exactly what. I need to do look at the background right now.

So the Sun is just starting to set a little bit. And So we’re getting the solar flare right behind me they’re got the light bouncing off the water it’s beautiful. But we can’t watch the sunset here completely.

Because of that mountain. So where we going now Josh oh. So there’s like this Bridgeport that’s also next to our hotel, and it’s amazing for this sunset.

Because that island won’t be there. I mean I do love the islands but.

I rather see the sunset for this. So I’m gonna find left it there yeah let’s go let’s get back on the bikes yeah all aboard hop on honestly. I can’t get over the front-facing camera it is just.

So clear this. I’ve been playing around with this all day today guys. I want to know what do you guys think of the Google pixel camera between the slow-motion the 4k footage on the back camera, and the beautiful 8 megapixel camera on the front oh my gosh this is like the coolest thing ever.

So we were actually just like rushing to go get the Sun set. But then we see like this pack of like just 20 locals just like ripping around their bikes in circles like they basically have like a Fight Club thing going on. So we spike, and we had to come back.

So we brushed out we’re now chillin with these dudes, and they’re just popping wheelies left right these centers it’s pretty cool. And I caught it all on slow-motion with the camera here that’s all shot on the Google pixel guys incredible oh we won’t be able to go tomorrow don’t fall man otherwise cuz we can’t go to Coney Island. I wouldn’t do it get involved in if he gets cut at all guys the same reason this is why Sawyer couldn’t come with us tomorrow is.

Because he got cut when he fell off his bike, and if you get hurt if you get cut you’re not allowed to go near the Komodo dragons. Because they can smell blood from 6 kilometers away, and they will eat you, and not only do they eat you they start by chewing off your feet. So you can’t run away.

Because when Komodos do their attack like they don’t they don’t kill you instantly they actually let you kind of like die out slowly. Because they want the meat to be as fresh as long as possible. So they very very venomous saliva, and if you get bit you have to be rushed to the hospital otherwise you’ll slowly die out.

But yeah Komodos they’re pretty vicious creatures, I’ll tell you more about that later. I think we’ll be seeing them tomorrow the we’re just here, and someone just ripped by we leaing while their friend stands on the front of the bike that guy was like 5 feet up above the ground people are none. I want to do it but.

I’m just not know oh my god sound like an underground society of hardcore people this is insane everyone just got their bikes in like. I can feel the atmosphere the vibe like people just come here, and hang out like this is the thing to do around here you do this every day you come here every day, and you race your motorcycles guys. I hope you enjoyed the post if you didn’t leave it a big thumbs up, and let me know what did you guys think of the blog which was almost entirely filmed on the Google pixel that is the end of the blog, and let’s get lost again tomorrow oh hello sir please let me open stuck inside the ATM machine you’re a sick man Christian.

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