Map of Ho Chi Minh City

Majestically located in Eastern Asia and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the East, China is the third largest country and arguably the fastest-growing economy in the world today. This rapidly developing country has embraced modernity in a big way and in fact, some of the most cutting edge technology, engineering, art, design and architecture has evolved from China in the recent decades. On the other hand, the ancient charm of this majestic country is still untainted; China is one of the four oldest civilizations in the world and is renowned for its rich cultural and traditional relics, ancient temples, timeless villages, historical sites, scrumptious Chinese dishes and alcohol, warm hospitality and most of all, The Great Wall of China.

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Thousands of travelers visit China every year for various reasons. Some come to spend their vacations as the country has a lot to offer to those who want to explore the best of nature, history, culture and everything in between while others come with a dream to make their career successful. However, there is one thing common among all these people that are not only a dream or a reason, but a big gap that that hinders them from achieving their dream. Language barrier in addition to not having adequate knowledge about the Chinese people and culture is the common problem among people. Therefore, Pavel Dvorak jr has taken the responsibility to bridge the gap and help the people to live out their dreams. He has shared a lot of his personal experiences and with his help, you can prepare yourself better for the things coming your way while in China.

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