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Many States Have Enlisted The Help Of “Citizen Scientists” Willing To Survey For Drumming Sounds In The Spring, An Economical Way To Monitor The Birds’ Population. Although The Ruffed Grouse Has A Wide Range And Its Population Is Cyclical, It Seems To Be In Decline Overall As Old-Forest Acreage Shrinks And Abundant Deer Graze Away Their Protective Cover.

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Although I Knew There Were Grouse Here In This Large Forest With The Structure And Food They Prefer, It Was Fall And The Birds Were Quiet. I Was Looking For A Small, Unmarked Trail That Would Lead Me To The Jake Swamp Pine The Tallest Tree In Massachusetts (That Week, Anyway, Since Such Titles Are Constantly Challenged). The Narrow Trail Led Me Down Into A Hillside Swale Where I Was Surrounded By Straight Trunks. The Trees’ Diameters Were Not Notably Impressive Compared To What I Have Seen In Other Places, But The Soaring Heights They Reached Dazzled Me. I Found What Must Be The Jake Swamp Pine, Marked By Just A Small White Stone At Its Base.

We Know About This Tree And Have A Name For It Because Of Bob Leverett, A Self-Described “Forest Nut” And, I Would Argue, Eastern Old Growth’S Most Important Living Advocate. In 1996, He Helped Found The Eastern Native Tree Society, A Network For Forest Nuts Like Us To Champion Trees And Share Information About Old-Growth Forests. He Is Also Executive Director Of Friends Of The Mohawk Forest, So He Has Spent Many, Many Hours In This Forest.

Leverett Named This Tall White Pine For Jake Swamp, A Mohawk Chief Who Heads The Tree Of Peace Society, Which “Emphasizes Individual Responsibility For One’S Actions, A Deep Personal Relationship With The Natural World, And The Acknowledgment That All Living Things Are Blessings From The Creator To Be Treated With Sensitivity And Respect.”

Native Americans Have Lovely, Lyrical Terms For Living Beings. We Are The Two-Leggeds, But We Share The Planet With The Four-Leggeds, The Winged Ones, And The Water Beings. Trees Are The Standing Ones (Or, Sometimes, The Standing People). The Two-Leggeds And The Standing Ones Have Something In Common, In That Both Are Vertical And Have The Potential For Being Very Long-Lived Although Trees Can Reach Even Further Into The Sky And Live More Centuries Than We Can. Perhaps This Combination Of Commonality And Exceptionality Is Why We Are Drawn To Honor Humans By Naming Trees After Them, And To Honor Trees By Naming Humans After Them (I Think Of Holly, Aspen, And Others).

In September Of 2002, Along With A Few Volunteers, I Tagged Almost Three Thousand Living Trees In A Maryland Forest Near My Home. Each Tree Was Loosely Circled With Red Yarn From Which Hung A Metal Tag With The Name Of A Person Killed On September 11, 2001. The Tagging Served A Dual Purpose: To Memorialize The Victims And To Attempt To Save A Public Forest From Being Clear-Cut. Four Years Later, The Forest Was Still Standing, But As The Trees Grew The Yarn Had Become Tighter. Anything Encircling A Tree Too Tightly Can Cut Off Its “Circulation” And Kill It; How Ironic It Would Be If We Were The Ones Responsible For Killing The Trees! The Yarn Would Have To Be Removed.

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