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20 dollars in my 24 tonight oh my oh my oh yeah, and this table Stephen got two glass doors to make sure the air-conditioning stays in oh my gosh. I’m.

So pleased the tongue oh my gosh look at this this little Terrace little private Zen garden kind of thing shower system oh, and it’s $20 each yeah like well $40 per unit person this is amazing good morning from Cheng ooh. And I expect my camera to fog up in just a second here hang everyone check out what’s in my fridge we got nest cafes ah be free Oh Sawyer is teaching us some breathing exercises. So we don’t die when we go surfing today sorry.

I’m a piece of clay mold me oh well. I can do it easily it’s just training your lungs it’s not about how far you go it’s about it’s just play conditioning you’re gonna deal it until every space is like pulled to where you’re about to throw up all right first set of breathing exercises passed with flying colors you did a really freakin well he’s you go to me. I’m not gonna die but.

I have used one attempt using it, I’ll be honest our guru is like unbelievably slow we are gonna make it there one day oh we biked yes that’s right till we die Hitler you get a shock in it. I got it for you sorry polygamists all right yeah you are we have arrived at the gas station they take absolute bottles they fill them up with petrol, and this here is the gas attendant fill er up fill our up feller all right guys it is a throwback to the days when we used to live in Bangkok you guys haven’t seen those little clogs there’s a time when Abby. And I actually lived there.

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I had a bike, and this would be our way of getting around Abby would jump on the back of the bike, and we just rip around, and cruise we’re just a little bit too big for the pre beginners that’s the border like the skateboards the surfboard life goals all right guys. So we had a bit of a scare when we got to the last beach the waves. I mean here’s the thing from an outsider’s perspective someone who’s never surf.

I mean I don’t understand the dangers. I don’t even understand what.

I’m getting myself into. But we’re gonna go, and start off where we should be or we hope to be we hope smaller waves are here we’re now in Bravo Beach. I believe it’s called let’s check it out, and hopefully not die comfortable, and confident that’s key copy.

I feel here the last times were. So crazy probably drown yeah knowing us we probably would have did it anyway, and then drown. So it’s pretty lit yeah just don’t slit like good.

I’m excited being in the yang dude. I’m going to come in one with you becoming one with the ocean all right guys this one’s mine this is greased lightning oh maybe she’s like the first time. I’ve gotten a proper surfboard with three fins on the bottom with like the wax, and all that.

I’m really excited but. I’m gonna leave all my cameras here. Because I need to focus on learning, and you know these weaves need to be respected.

I can’t just go out there like. I was the other day otherwise, I’ll get smashed pretty hard durian is the same fruit that is like banned from all airlines all hotels it smells like dead people, and it has the same texture as flesh all right remember this is when the waves coming at you okay well they’re off oh my god this is. So funny to watch they’re all this is.

So oh yeah. I see how it’s hard though to get out. Because if they keep plumb bleep alright guys.

So the only person who’s actually been able to get out on their board has been Sawyer of the rest of them unfortunately things aren’t going to welcome. Because basically every time a wave comes or they like get out a little bit away pushes them back. Because they don’t really have like a skill level.

So I can get under, and keep paddling. I really want to try. But about to see.

I’m like quite afraid. So I don’t think. I’m going to come obviously looks a lot easier than it is but.

I just don’t know if. I have the courage something’s going on down here we don’t really know what like the carpeting. I’m excited though Epis.

I need over here a little sunset walk superstone the best thing. I’ve ever seen guys look at that dog right there he’s just been playing in the waves like he keeps bodysurfing with them too it was fun but I have to say like.

I am. I’m very disappointed in my ability is only my third time, and today. I tried to use like one of the short boards, and that was a big big mistake on my part.

I just wasn’t ready for it. I couldn’t even get my balance when I got up.

I didn’t get one ride today but I got a lot of practice. I got beaten up again.

And I’m one step closer to riding a barrel my batteries went to die the Sun is setting, and it is absolutely stunning here you. So the men just got back from uploading the posts, and the ladies have prepared to dance for us. I’m believing that we did not know this was going on.

But full pull trotters this is a site this is the site guys. I thought that was amazing regard was it this is a sober night was it fun pretty good those beautiful hey what all cuz. I counted it with ruins all there off the team you guys who’s getting cut let’s go grab burger it’s an exclusive closet the others right here you guys yeah matters to me no okay okay you’re right fine we’re gonna started do it, and let’s get lost against mom son of the day.

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