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From popular American sitcoms and romantic comedies what we’ve come to know of New York City is that here hailing a cab is more difficult than landing a job. Also, subways are anybody’s last option. And, parking your car might as well mean that you won’t be able to pay your bills for the next month. These are all but exaggerated truths. We’ve come to address and accept these transportation issues on a regular day, but what if it’s a special day, or a special night (wink, wink). That’s where the limousine car services swoop in to save the day. This sector has been growing in the transportation industry at a steady rate over the last many years, and not without reason. Here are some reasons why people in NYC are so keen on limo services.

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There are some occasions in one’s life that just can’t pass without a celebration, where just ordinary won’t suffice. Proms! They are a big deal. Go ahead and make that big entrance you’ve been envisioning all this time with your friends, in nothing less than a Cadillac. The wedding also, of course, qualify as one of those big moments. But, when it comes to weddings, there are only so many things you can tweak in this age-old tradition, to give yours a unique touch. How about making a grand entrance- or an even grander exit- with your spouse (into the sunset?), in nothing less than a stretch limousine. Or try giving your out stationed guests a warmer welcome with a chauffeur awaiting them at the airport with a Lincoln town car. They’ll never let you forget how wonderful a person you are.


Since we’re on the subject of pickups, it has become a common enough practice for NYC based companies to send out high-end cars from a limo and car services to pick their clients up from the airport and other destinations. Talk about good first impressions! Also providing luxury ground transportation for a corporate event has become a status symbol for companies. And business executives prefer the luxury cars for they can use their traveling time to get more work done. It’s a fast-paced world, people!


Sometimes The City with Everything can be a little too much to take in, and anyone who has ever lived here can attest to that. What you need then is a luxury sedan, which comes equipped with a courteous chauffeur, a bottle of champagne all to yourself, some soft music (your personal relaxing dock, in short). Make stops at the spa and the mall, or go get a change of scenery, they are accommodating to your needs to a surprising level. Go spend the day without a worry in the world. Quick getaways don’t get any better than this!


Everybody loves to feel special; sometimes a limo and car service would do that for you. Limo NYC gives you the opportunity to see your city with new eyes. They offer you a personalized VIP tour with a private experienced tour guide, driven around by a professional driver to all the places you need to see in NYC to know that it’s so much more than just Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. As they say at Limo NYC, it is the perfect way to see the sites and sound of the Big Apple. And have I mentioned their day tours to Long Island wineries? The lush greenery of the countryside, tasting the finest wines from the best vineyards of the country, and a luxury car at your disposal- now that would make anybody feel special.


Bachelor and bachelorette parties in NYC are a trend worth following. Being crazy and having fun doesn’t have a time limit or a deadline to it, but these parties sure give a good excuse for it. You want to scan the popular bars and clubs from the comfort of your limo, or want to hop from one to another all night; the limo service company and your chauffeur will handle all your transportation needs. Exhausted and drunk, you don’t have to go looking for a cab in the middle of the night (or early morning) because let’s face it, nobody’s getting a cab that late. And bonus- your night’s not going to be dampened by being concerned for everybody’s safety, it’s a job for the chauffeur.



Despite all the benefits it has, it’s still a limousine; it has to be super expensive. Don’t be so sure of that just yet. Soon after it began gaining popularity, people started recognizing limo and car service as a profitable business enterprise, resulting in an immediate rise in a number of such businesses. Hence, the rates in this sector are very competitive, giving the customers a great advantage when it comes to the price. Even if your income is the only standard, you can enjoy this service once in a while.

You need to feel a change sometimes, in the same monotonous wheel of routine. You need to make a romantic gesture sometimes or rectify a mistake. You need to feel a certain sense of power sometimes when you’re seemingly losing everything. There are several ways to achieve all this, none better or worse than other. It’s just way cooler to be sitting in a limo and sipping wine while doing it!

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