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Are you preparing to make your old parents happy by gifting something special their wedding anniversary?

If your answer is yes then consider a crowd gifting holiday. The money you would otherwise use for buying some usual expensive gifts can now be used as the backbone of fantastic holiday trip of a lifetime. By setting up a crowd gifting campaign you can do something pretty incredible for them.

Follow these simple steps and make this wedding anniversary a special one.

An amazing holiday plan will require thousands of pounds. Don’t make the mistake of planning it alone and coming short. You need the financial support of family and friends around you. Talk to them individually, so that you know their ideas. They will then buy in to the idea.

Search for websites that will help you to achieve your target of raising a particular amount of money.

There are numerous websites like, which will successfully assist you in achieving your noble targets.

1. Choose the category on the website that matches your needs.

2. The easy-to-use tools on the websites will help you create an attractive campaign capable of attracting donors from around the world.

3. The processing fees of all the transactions involved in crowd gifting are less than 3% of the total amount involved. Indeed, the fees charged by gift funding sites are very small and don’t impact the campaign. Do check the fees of the different options though, to ensure you get the best possible value.

4. These sites are created by and for genuine people. Take a human approach to the campaign; tug on the heart strings if needs be.

5. There is relatively little promotion you need to do, as when your account is set up on most sites the campaign it is automatically circulated to donors all over the world. It’s worth getting on social media and publishing it to friends and family though; especially if your parents won’t find out.

6. Once your target amount is achieved you can initiate the processing of this amount into your account.

7. Another significant task is, of course, to plan the dream trip for your parents. Take a look around and choose from the wide range of available holiday destinations.

8. Choose any place from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Oceania and more, and begin the process of creating some amazing memories for your parents.

A wise person once said Loving is for giving not for getting’

Your parents have done lots for you. It’s time you pay through your love. Make this crowd gifted holiday the most memorable one of their lives.

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