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Primitive Campsites versus Primitive Campgrounds

More than a little confusion is provided by different uses of the word primitive as in primitive camping, primitive camping areas, primitive campsites, and primitive campgrounds.

It’s not unusual to see literature from a park or preserve which informs the reader that primitive camping is available, with no further explanation. At such locations camping might be restricted either to camping areas or a primitive campground, or on the other hand it may be allowed freely almost anywhere.

A primitive or undeveloped campground is usually a normal campground, reachable by car, which doesn’t have electrical hook-ups or modern facilities. When literature is referring to a campground, a statement that primitive campsites are available means that the campground has some less developed sites.

As it’s commonly used, primitive camping is sometimes meant to be more or less synonymous with wilderness camping. At other times, however, the former is applied specifically to camping in a not-very-wild-or-pristine area, in contrast to camping in a true wilderness.

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