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Up until last year, when I went away I always stayed in a hotel or self-catering accommodation, depending on the purpose and length of the trip and if the family were coming along.

But hotels mean small rooms and regimented breakfast and departure times. You’re forced to go out every time you want to eat or drink anything beyond the meagre selection of over-priced products in your mini-bar, and the Wi-Fi is often terrible, expensive, or both.

Self-catering cottages and apartments give you space and that home from home’ feel but can be too much like home. The place gets messy, washing piles up and you either live with it or do housework on your break. As for the Wi-Fi… see above.

Last year, I was listing these flaws to a friend when she suggested I try a serviced apartment she never books anything else. Having followed her advice, upon visiting Cambridge I went with Signet Apartments. I’ve now come up with seven reasons why I choose serviced apartments:
1. More Flexibility
I can stay in a serviced apartment for a night or two or a month or two, and I don’t have to leave at the crack of dawn. If I want breakfast at 10.31 in the morning, that’s fine.
2. More Space
With a serviced apartment, everyone gets a bedroom of their own and there is space in which to spend time together too; far better than booking three separate hotel rooms and congregating awkwardly at the end of a bed if we want to watch TV as a family.
3. It’s more sociable
If I’m meeting up with friends or relatives, they can come back to the apartment – and if they prefer to sample my unbeatable lasagne rather than go to a restaurant, no problem. My serviced apartment will have a well-equipped kitchen to do my recipe justice.
4. It’s safe and private
Much as I love waking up in the early hours as drunken stags return to my hotel or toddlers wearing hobnail boots run across their-floor-that’s-also-my-ceiling, I prefer sleeping soundly and waking up when I want to. When I stay in a serviced apartment, I know the on-site manager will ensure the building is secure and monitor who comes and goes. And it’s soooo quiet…
5. It’s cheaper
Because I pay per apartment rather than per person or per room, a serviced apartment is a far cheaper option if I’m bringing the family along.
6. Free high speed Wi-Fi
Serviced apartments include free, reliable, high speed WiFi essential to plan the day’s leisure activities or for work.
7. That Ideal Home’ Feeling
Serviced apartments are furnished to a fantastic standard. They have a DVD player, a good size TV, a hi-fi or iPod dock for your music, and of course… cleaning and laundry services, so that my break really is a break.

Who could ask for anything more?

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