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We live in a culture where many people are extremely concerned about cleanliness. While for some it’s not a matter of extraordinary interest, for others it’s virtually an obsession. Undoubtedly the absence of showers and bathtubs deters more than a few from trying wilderness Virginia camping. Yet there’s no reason you can’t keep reasonably clean while in the natural world.

One relatively new option which makes it a little easier is to bring a solar shower (see Chapter 5). This item will give you a close approximation to a real shower, with a light spray of warm-to-hot water for up to several minutes.

Otherwise, it’s always possible to take a thorough sponge bath, and to wash as often as you wish on a trip. If soap is being used, don’t rinse anywhere near a water source. You can either use cold water or heat some on your stove.

If you’re camped near a lake, pond, or good-size stream in warm weather, swimming may be an option, or you could at least get into the water every now and then. Taking a dip is not only refreshing, but it will help you stay clean. Just remember that soap or shampoo must never be used directly in a stream or lake.

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