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Etch-A-Sketch- I stumbled upon this relic of a toy the other day. I’m not sure my kids even know how to use the thing. But with no batteries required, no mess, and the possibility for hours of creativity, the Etch-A-Sketch is definitely accompanying us on our next road trip. Have your kids read over these Etch-A-Sketch tips before your trip in order to boost their creative power.

AquaDoodle- A similar low-mess travel-drawing tool is the AquaDoodle, which now comes in a convenient travel size. If you’d prefer to make your own version of this toy, you can put some paint in a ziploc bag and seal it with gobs of tape. Theoretically, this enables kids to draw designs in the paint without making a mess. However I wouldn’t trust my rambunctious brood with the DIY version- it would surely lead to a rainbow-hued minivan.

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Mad Libs- My kids love these silly stories, and I have to admit, they can turn into hilarious tales. We have oodles of them and involve the whole family in calling out words to fill in the Mad Libs. On top of the entertainment factor, these stories teach kids about parts of speech and creative storytelling. Plus a whole van full of laughing family members is a sure sign of an enjoyable road trip.

Eye Spy- I remember playing this simple game as a kid, and its timeless nature means that even today’s tech-obsessed kids can enjoy the challenge. I frequently overhear my children and their friends launching into spontaneous games of Eye Spy. It’s a perfect activity for road trips. For variety, search and find blogs can also be fun.

Blog of Centuries- We use this concept (kind of like a timeline in blog form) for our history studies, and it’s a simple idea to bring along on a road trip. Basically, you fill a binder with blank sheets of paper. For each historical event you learn about, your kids draw a picture and write a brief summary about it. You arrange these pages in chronological order in the binder, which becomes a personalized history summary. So, everything you learn while on the road could become entries in your family Blog of Centuries.

Finger Puppets- Unleash your children’s creativity by providing them with a simple set of finger puppets. Find an inexpensive set at IKEA or find more luxurious sets at specialty toy stores. Even better, provide your kids with a set of craft sticks or paper bags, and have them craft their own puppets. And get ready to applaud whatever adorable puppet show they create!

Rachel is a homeschooling mom of four with unique travel experience- her children are from three different nations! Here she shares why their busy family makes time to travel…

Well, for us, we love when our children experience things first hand. What better way to learn about a battle in history than to go to the battleground? What better way to learn about sea life than to see them up close and personal?

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