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A majority of Hispanic person-trips are for leisure (77%), of which visiting friends or relatives is the purpose of the trip for many (43%). Entertainment trips (16%) and outdoor recreation (8%) make up smaller shares of Hispanic person-trips. The states that attract the greatest number of Hispanic travelers include California, Texas, and Florida. Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico are also popular destinations. Hispanic households spend an average of $480 on a trip, excluding spending on transportation to their destination. One-third (33%) of trips by Hispanic households include children under 18 years old, significantly higher than overall traveling households in the U.S. (24%), according to The Minority Traveler.

The following are other facts about Hispanic-American travel (source: USTA):

• One in seven (15%) Hispanic person-trips includes air transportation. Rental cars are used as the primary mode of transportation by 7% of Hispanic travelers – more than twice as much as overall travel (3%).

• On one in seven (15%) trips, Hispanic households spend $1,000 or more, not including transportation to the destination.

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• Spending time with family is important to Hispanic travelers, with 33% of Hispanic trips including three or more people from the same household, compared to the average U.S. trip (25%). One third (33%) of trips by Hispanic households include children under 18 years old.

• Of 11 common trip activities, shopping is the favorite activity for Hispanics (34% of person-trips), followed by outdoor recreation (16%), visiting theme or amusement parks (14%), visiting historical places or museums (13%), and going to beaches (13%).

The following are the top cities visited by Hispanic-American travelers:

• Las Vegas, NV

• Los Angeles, CA

• San Antonio, TX

• San Diego, CA

Houston, TX

• Orlando, FL

• Orange County, CA

• Riverside/San Bernardino, CA

• Phoenix/Mesa, AZ

• San Francisco, CA

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