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If you have a milestone birthday coming up, a graduation or an anniversary, you should consider a celebration vacation! This is the kind of vacation that celebrates you and your achievement. Of course, it calls for great planning and you should bring your family and friends along so you can all have a great time!

A Destination Celebration

Celebrations have borrowed a leaf from destination weddings. Destination celebrations are now the in thing. It is a personal way of celebrating life with your family and friends. With statistics showing that 55% of American’s do not take any time off work, this could be a great time to take off for a 3 day weekend or a week, where you can enjoy quality time with those you love instead of a quick one night party where you really don’t get to spend sufficient time with anyone. As one gets older, they begin to place more value on people instead of the gifts they get on such days. This is the major appeal to the older generation interested in planning a destination celebration.

Where Have You Always Wanted to Go?

That is the question. If you have always dreamed of a Brazilian vacation, make it special by making it part of a celebration of something big in your life. Speak to your travel advisor and allow him or her to work on the logistics including finding you a great hotel to live in, booking a limo to chauffer you around and to plan a fun itinerary. Since this is your celebration, you get to choose what you and your group will do. This includes where you will have dinner, the shows you would like to see, tours to the countryside or the city, days and the beach, and so much more. Be creative and make it lots of fun.

Milking Your Milestones

One of the best things about a destination celebration is that you get to make the most of each milestone. By bringing together people who have been part of your journey so far, you can enjoy some good times talking and laughing, and milking the most out of your milestone. Find a destination with great hotel rates so you can all hang out at the same hotel. It should definitely be affordable and fun.

If you are the kind of person who loves adventure and wouldn’t be caught dead on the beach, go out for some bike riding. A motorcycle tour of Brazil would be a fun thing to do. Perhaps you would like to see the best of some of the largest cities in the country including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Recife, Brasilia, Olinda and the others. The best time to go on a tour of Brazil, according the US News is between December and March.

You may also want to go on a tour of the Amazon if that is the kind of adventure that you enjoy and still take time to play golf with your buddies at a world class golf course. Of course, a celebration vacation is not complete without a big party to actually celebrate. Go over the top and have the time of your life celebrating life’s milestones and milking each milestone for all it’s worth.

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