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So in the link down below we are getting to our final days this turkey is a broken one, and this is the one. I’m giving away just kidding good morning guys from Varna Bulgaria this has been one of the most beautiful towns. I’ve seen yet can’t wait to show to you guys today sounds pretty good to me.

So for about three-and-a-half American dollars coffee fresh orange juice, and a nice little pissant. I’ve been here for like two hours. And I even started editing yet all.

I’ve done is deal with banking if you guys have travel before you know exactly how it is opening up your banking can be the scariest thing ever see just like push it off buying flights paying for food accommodation it adds up really quickly even if you’re in places like Romania, and Bulgaria where it’s relatively cheap. I’m glad it’s done with now. I can finally start editing hi this are you still serving breakfast.

I just done it editing companions. I’m just on my laptop doing work here, and of course the school guy comes in says hi he’s. So needy keep coming back.

I gotta go don’t go please go as expected that took longer than expected it is now like 3:30 the guy’s already back at the hostel they like spent most the death Beach but I have been cooped up in there. I have to say though Romania Bulgaria you guys have amazing Wi-Fi.


I uploaded a two, and a half gigabyte post file in like under 30 minutes which is pretty unheard of in Canada go back to the hall. So now. I meet up with the guys.

I got a couple of big old pieces of pizza 75 cents. So we meet again this awful pepper ID yesterday was. So high we’re back in Elvis really sign after traveling Europe for six months on a scale of one to ten how excited are you to see this building over here coming into the hot three.

I think this Wow static. But it’s on the worst you wanna longer once you got cooked today. I thought mean that’s weird super why did you just want the body you don’t wanna work for it that’s the problem well the boys here they’re quitters, and frankly.

I’m not a quitter. So you guys go ahead relax on the bunk beds well. I chase success.

I got a couple of big old pieces of pizza chase success keep telling your friends lies now staying in shape while traveling is very difficult. But occasionally you got to do it. So I’m going to go on a 45-minute run.

And I’m gonna be right back to the hostel. And I think we’re going to head to the beach later tonight what a workout. I didn’t quite get the beach day that.

I was expecting today but. I’m glad. I got to make it down here.

I went in ran along the beach there went back, and forth a couple times, and if you’re by a beach like it’s such an amazing workout. Because your feet are like slipping from underneath you. So you’re using all sorts of muscles you would normally use to stabilize, and it just makes it feel like you’re twice as heavy it’s a bit more critical for me to say this.

Because when I travel. I’m honestly.

So out of schedule. I do not do a very good job of working out while traveling. But it’s the best thing you can do if you have one hour in a day that you set aside for working out it gives you new energy.

I feel at my best after a workout it gives me concentration it gives me energy. And I just feel happy it’s actually scientifically proven that working out releases endorphins that make you feel better well guys. I am loving Bulgaria.

I mean look at the site now there’s no doubt. I’m a tropical guy. I love having palm trees.

I love crystal blue water but I definitely appreciate a good beach in Bulgaria. So far has a really really beautiful beach sunny beach is our next destination that’s where we’re going tomorrow.

I’m not convinced it’s going to be authentic Bulgaria. I’ve heard it’s quite touristy. So a lot of people from the UK Germany whatever they take a flight for super cheap, and go to sunny beach as their beach getaway their tropical vacation we know what a concert was actually just right there yesterday they’ve already taken down the stage it’s become a parking lot again hell of a worker don’t film it no go back to the room, and this is what.

I find no. I skipped a workout to rub each other that was that very here’s one supposed to know this yeah this is behind scene put my camera down like engine. So I thought it’d burn dude it’s just a ten is that we said right.

So much yeah it’s just a it’s just a 10. I’m get burnt all right is it small let’s play game about 750 miles guess how much take a guess lower lower three lay. I’m to test a dollar fifty one it’s pretty good actually ahh wait we you wellness is solo all these down he would rather marry Caitlyn Jenner than Michelle Obama it is the end of the blog we are getting up pretty early we’re gonna go to sunny beach tomorrow.

So that’s gonna be really interesting day number two in Bulgaria has been a great day thanks for reading guys, and as always please leave the post a big thumbs up means a lot have a good night, and let’s get lost again tomorrow basically, and running in the sand makes you feel like you’re twice as heavy it’s like we’re like running a quick sin voice crack.

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