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Many people choose to purchase used caravans for sale as opposed to brand new ones because they are trying to determine whether this is the lifestyle for them or they’re hoping to save some money. Regardless of the reason, we understand that having some handy tips to refer to during the buying process can help you feel more at ease about your decision.

–ªList the top 5 things that you love about each caravan you’re looking at and the top 5 things that you dislike. This will help you to keep everything in perspective when contemplating.

–ªEnsure that you take a look at those darker areas of the van, such as in the backs of cupboards and underneath. Take a torch with you to ensure that you can see right into the nooks and crannies.

–ªIf the caravan for sale is shut up when you arrive, have a good sniff when you open the door. If it smells musty, it could be a sign of damp (although remember that it could also be condensation).

–ªLook carefully throughout the van for signs of damage. New paintwork, for example, can sometimes be used to hide problems on the housing or even the presence of rust.

–ªInspect the caravan, from top to bottom, for signs of damp. Be sure to pay close attention to the back corners of roof lockers and under the beds. Look for discoloured timber and wall coverings.

–ªInspect the tow hitch does it handle easily; is the breakaway cable intact; does the handbrake hold the van? These are just some of the questions you will want to consider.

–ªCheck the tires for signs of wear. Whilst a little wear is okay (you can hardly expect the tires to be brand new), it should be even with no signs of cracking or bulging. Is there a spare?

–ªDoes the caravan come with any extras? These may include steps, water tanks, batteries, gas bottles, smoke alarms, hitch locks, and awnings. If they are present, double check they are included.

–ªCheck the water pipes for leaks. Specifically check the cupboard under the sink and the shower (if the caravan for sale has been fitted with a bathroom). You should also check that the toilet is empty.

–ª Determine whether the caravan has a full service history or not. You might get lucky and find a seller who has kept all service books. Determine whether electrical and gas systems have been serviced.

–ªDoes the layout suit you and your family? If you are a couple, you will have very different needs to someone with children. Once everyone is in bed, can you move around freely?

If you are looking at second hand caravans for sale, we hope that you find the above tips useful in making an informed decision. You might even find that many of these tips can also apply to new purchases, as they can help you to determine the quality of the van. If you’re ever in any doubt, we recommend taking along someone who has made a similar purchase for backup.

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