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Day to Romania Romania mania are you ready to rumble last night we got home the Sun was rising as we were getting home. So we went got like some 6:00 a.

M. McDonald’s right now you’re headed to your secret side it’s like 35 degrees right now a lot of the buildings here really weathered like they haven’t been clean in a while. But for the most part the actual city is really clean like there’s not litter anywhere frou-frou fresh natural lovely.

So Romania is not an expensive place this this, and this a water was eighteen to divide it by like three for native prices divided by four for American this was like $4. So well as we get lost or what don’t worry that we’re getting lost the boys are hit with strife we have no idea where we are Bangkok MLC alla romana go go go not picking up some Romanian girls my friend he lost his number can you have yours. I think it works did you like Romania Oh mania mania 2018 that’s sick party.

So we are currently running through Romania we have a one o’clock tour, and they were still pretty far away sign tell me where are we going Palace thank you very good building an old yeah second largest building the world it’s right over there doesn’t look very big that’s. Because of distance what were you just gone yeah we’re only okay well go see amazingly school mania the scale of one to communism it’s a communism okay. So you guys can’t really eat.

But we’re gonna build this massive palace, and not quit stallin oh it’s time to get that joke. I said quit stallin that yeah he’s compensating for something yeah there’s no landscaping they blew their budget on creating a 10,000 bedroom place at the time the Germans have Stalin’s son captured yeah, and Alan’s son was leave them a lieutenant in the army, and when Germany wrote to Stalin saying our give you the sign for the field marshal Stalin said. I’m not going to trade the lieutenant for field marshal okay.

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So apparently this building is three hundred, and sixty-five thousand square meters it’s the second largest building in the world, and it was built. Because the dictator basically had an ego problem he’s like yeah we need to build the biggest building this is what happened the construction for this building we have an official year which is 1984, and the completion is 1997 five counterweights patterns, and what you can find in it it’s crystal that’s coming from Romania that’s idea also here all the materials used for construction they are remaining Romania marble wood from the Carpathians okay, and the crystals from the centre of the country how much it cost. I’m going to tell you at the end of the tour this is one hell of the water if you take the top of the building from the zero point right now it’s 84 meters up, and down to the lowest point underground is 92 meters.

So as tall as the building is it’s even deeper underground for security reasons. I guess missile shelters, and defense ministry all that stuff is safely down below under this massive palace insane, and this is just the ground floor by the way we have not even gone up. I don’t know what you want let’s have a bit of fun downfall my love if you feel.

I gotta do right now don’t say you’re on the road to the other side. Because the carpets are actually. So big they were made inside the pallets.

Because it was impossible to bring them in. So tons of Manos were put into creating pieces like this. But you never do we live.

So this room is apparently the applause room basically whenever in Nikolai the dictator who built this entire crazy Palace when I redid speeches if you clap in there one person’s clap sounds like five people. Because it echoes.

So loud. And So he’d have his speeches in there, and of course he felt really good about himself when he got hundred people clapping it sounded like there were thousands of people in there that is my wish okay. So I missed a really important fact apparently.

I thought this was built in the 1500s this was built like thirty five years ago this was built in will began in 1984, and it was finished thirteen years later through the math basically the dictator who initiated this massive palace named Nikolai he went on to be killed publicly executed, and his execution was broadcasted on live television. Because all of Romania hated him. Because well this is where Romania is money went, and this is just like scraping the surface all right.

So this right here is the balcony where Nikolaj expected to come out give his speeches to the people the people would be beloved Li waiting down there listening to his every word unfortunately like. I told you before he was killed before he ever got to make a speech on this it’s incredible you could see all the way down the road the road just runs straight. I don’t know if it’ll catch it.

But it’s a very very impressive building it’s also not the second largest building in the world it’s the second largest administrative building first largest is the Pentagon well we made it to the rooftop the rooftop terrace up there what is out there yeah. I want to get to the top top secret you guys aren’t bucharest check out the parliament palace it was really cool. So at the end of the tour we were told how much it costs.

And I kind of was thinking like billion. But like. I was like.

I don’t want to say that number it’s too big the entire thing here. I want to say it it costs 4 billion euros euros not not even dollars euros Stein you want to extend the formal invite of course hello friends if you live in Romania please contact Christian by Morse code wit Twitter’s best for smoke signals at pigeon humming hey did ya though if you’re in Romania, and you want to hang out let us know tweet me at loss LeBlanc, and let’s try to meet up someone this is the funny if you want to get behind the scenes on snapchat Stein what’s your what’s your username it’s my name’s sign here see the squad’s getting lost in Bucharest we literally have no idea where we’re going Stein’s pretending to know aha we have found a whole Romania Minya be very careful you may need a tetanus shot agility beautiful what is this a door France needs to be at least three times bigger than this all right. So Stine apparently is showing us a crazy place that has student specials we’re really maximizing the faculty self student cards good och.

So scientist twelve weighs like 3 kg dollars works for $14 or even 3 US dollars for this, and a beer midnight BAM rival bound up to what’s up you guys just how to shower finish the blog, and now. I’m finding a coffee shop to upload it the guys are taking a nap. So good news.

I just got approved, and the copyright has been lifted on my big post. So you’re going to see this blog after it’s posted. But my flying over the Philippines post will be live, and if you haven’t already seen it make sure to check it out it is my most proud creation yet finding Internet is proving to be a bigger challenge than expected, and funny enough Romania apparently has some of the top internet in the world.

I’ve had a few people comment down on my blog. So far. So, I’ll have to test these upload speeds.

But at the hostel at least the upload was pretty slow hence why. I’m going looking around the legends are true my upload speed is about 6 minutes to get a full post up not something thank you Romania hope not you broke it. I will hold myself, and the other two guys here to it at noon we’re doing the workout that we talked about doing, and then we’re catching a train to Brussels okay we’re at it’s all on film now.

So if you don’t pull through Matt you’re accountable now if. I don’t hold through with that leaf putting in an effort. I would lie you guys around okay all right there we go it’s on film.

But you can’t dodge it you guys have to come you have my. I remember that’s ready to tour Eden Eden all right the Garden of Eden we just ordered a drink from the bar. I can relay which has like last call, and she’s like soon okay well.

But like what time cuz like we want actually no. So we can get another drink just like soon oh yeah no. But like what times its own Garden of Eden not very friendly.

But it’s kind of pretty dear me well the same bartender that freaked out at us earlier just came up we put on music on our iPhone. Because there’s no music here she’s like there’s no music here in this club. So this is the no fun Club if you guys are into that say we have a long holiday.

So if you sit in the corner of a table in Romania you don’t get married. So you don’t want to send you the corner that’s so interesting what does it that’s a gypsy trying to take our money Matt you found yourself a wife right girlfriend it’s master girlfriend bye they just asked him for money hi yeah it wasn’t it wasn’t aggressive at all yeah we are from Romania Tulane we are not aggressive no Romanians are very friendly people Oh all right.

So we’re leaving the vintage pub but. I’m pretty tired. I have not been sleeping much that’s like leaving Canada.

So I need to catch up on sleep we’re gonna head back to the hostel maybe get a Romanian kebab a nightclub is it definitely los Angelino miss Missa madness could be it Mathieu you said your back was sore from the back packing he’s got a very sore back oh he my friend he’s got a very sore back he’s living he’s been looking for massages one of the Souris backs you’ve ever seen. So I’ve seen a lot of good ideas in my life this is probably up there with one of them sign go all the way to the top Romania style sign it if you fall like. I don’t know.

I don’t think. I can catch you. And I don’t know how they’re going to get down this is Romanian cab hey Leblanc yes.

I can sure wait a second one two three go Oh hold his little mania son of the day.

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