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What is under the car we have a visitor hello all right the boys are packing out we’re going to Bulgaria we did give him a name Chris no nothing all right. We’ve arrived at the Bulgarian border it was like five minutes away from bombing Vichy yeah we have made it into the Promised Land little Gary ah we’re in a Slovak country now look at that let’s Bulgaria splat guys right over there is an amazing sunflower field welcome to god yeah we’re driving by.

And I just like someone else hit it before us we just row it over a snake like a big don’t go in the bushes in Bulgaria otherwise you’ll come face-to-face with them there’s. So many sunflower fields here. I don’t know whether they you can do with it sunflower seeds it’s been a beautiful Drive we’re now going through rolling hills it’s almost like Monaco we made it guys about an hour, and a half later it’s pretty close.

We’ve arrived in Varna Bulgaria, and it’s a beach town it looks like it’s actually a bit of a big city to ride in was exceptionally beautiful. I wish it could have logged it more but. I’m the driver.

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And I’m the only one that can drive stick shift most cars in Europe are standard. And So that made me the driver by default. I was open for a big cup of joe instead.

I get the European classic little symbol guys what we need my Bulgaria bar now that. I’ve noticed firstly Clark you’re reading Lucas no one can compete with Lauren. But there are.

So many exceptionally good-looking women that walk past in under an hour first step to getting into a country getting my phone set up. So the phone plan is about four dollars us, and it gives me 1 gigabyte over the next ten days. So it’s like it’s a little bit expensive here but.

I mean it’s really convenient, and for me. I always need to have a phone plan going long travel one u.s.

Dollar is equivalent to 1.7 of their dollars. So beautiful here can’t party they’re really like holy New York on one tutorial.

We’ve made it this town is. So beautiful probably the most beautiful town. We’ve seen in all of our travels.

So far it’s called Varma Verma all right called Varna the trip can only go up from here nearly drop my blog camera there would not have been good. We’ve arrived, and our hostels just down here there’s tons of awesome little shops are in here there’s a little market right behind me they’re selling like all sorts of berries, and vegetables, and fruits, and etc, and there’s our hostel right there the Yoho hostel hello yo ho yo ho the hostel life for me it’s kind of cool it’s very nautical oh yeah better on little room stop. I don’t know what.

I expected from Varna. But it wasn’t this this is extremely beautiful already putting this place on my recommended list it is. So cool maybe we’ll spend an extra day here.

I don’t know now. I can’t know we’re not going to we just know. I thought this is like perfect right now the beach the atmosphere, and the weather just everything has made this trip worth that we have made it down to Bulgaria, and we’ll be here for the next four days this is perfection on a girl this hard this is why.

I travel for days like these all right. So the boys are up to something later tonight we’re going right there there’s a concert going on it’s a long weekend here as well in Bulgaria. And So there’s gonna be some bull Gowdy, and pop stuff, and the boys are going to be front, and center court.

So they’re selling corn in a bowl. I’m gonna get some this is Bulgaria this is beautiful this is it boys hello this is what it’s all about days like today what an amazing day it’s been, and Bulgaria is off to an amazing start this place is stunning. I never would have expected this the menu is not in English all we have is like photos then good is for photos.

But still like. I have no idea what any of this is it does look good though all right we have no idea what we order. But this looks really good it’s on the cool hot grill looks like some pork some porn that’s like cheese, and chicken maybe.

I don’t know these potatoes bacon the essentials. I don’t know if this is a good indicator of Bulgarian food. But what.

We’ve eaten. So far has been. So good it’s been a lot of melted cheese which makes everything amazing a lot of corn there’s some carrot here some meat.

I can’t complain. And I just lost the bet. So now.

I have to eat this okay it’s really hot oh amazing food Alba it is an absolute banger tonight guys the concert is down there it’s eerily quiet for how many people that are here, and there’s the pirate ship hello it’s a nice event that they’ve thrown on for the locals. But it’s not exactly our niche it’s mainly geared towards families everyone’s coming with their kids. So we’re gonna head out if that’s not relationshipgoals.

I don’t know what is fireworks are just popping off but I can’t see it which is night. We’ve got a few drinks, and we’re heading back down to the beach he’s coming with us he’s really young.

But like Thailand holy it is bumping tonight great night if you made it this far in the post please leave it a big thumbs up, and let’s get lost again tomorrow fun of the day yay no this is just my uneducated guess but I think the DS. And I’m standing on it right now.

I think they like those barriers that they set up in case of like a beach invasion, and there’s a.

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