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Egypt the mystic land of pharos and pyramids has many more hidden gems for holiday lovers and travelers from around the planet. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to banks of Nile this country is one of the most sought after tourist destination recognized globally. But, if you are looking for a modern setting in this historic nation with all the essence of luxury Sharm el-Sheikh is the place to be. Popularly known as Sharm this is resort town based in the southern end of Sinai Peninsula. People also refer this as the City of peace’ and this might be the reason why the traveler’s numbers has gone three times in past two years. The city has a population of around 35,000, but has many delights to offer. If you are fond of Egyptian silk, read sea beach and sun set around the corner of pyramids then this is a must see place. In case you book air ticket to this town in your next holiday the following portion of the write-up might entice you.

Activities waiting for you

Diving: Scuba diving is a major attraction in this part of the world as the water is crystal clear with wide range of underwater flora and fauna. There are many certified trainers available in the spot to guide you with the basics of this play. The reefs of Tiran and Ras Mohammed are the best pick of spot in this regards.

AuthenticDesert Safari When you are amongst huge sand dunes, you must not even think about missing the fun of discovering the joy of it. Try riding by jeep or go for trekking in the companionship of Bedouin guides. Mt Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery are two points that must be covered in this activity chart. You will come across great canyons and scenic beauties. Look for Package holidays that cover all these aspects.

Go-Karting Try is in Ghibli Raceway as the setting is world-class and equipped with all the racing elements to give the finest experience of riding in track.

Quad biking and Para sailing Both of these options are must try. The hiring rate is on a little higher side. On an average for two person the charges stats from 220 pounds.

Camel trekking While on the Sinai desert you must hire a camel for a stroll in the huge sand dunes. You can go for a night ride and gaze at the beautiful starry sky. The foods prepared by the localities are also great.

Food, delicacies and drinks

If you wish to break free of your mundane resort food then there are many options which you can look over. Egyptianfoods are known for their smoky taste and texture. You might loveKabab, Kofta, Reyash, Nefa, Tarab, etc. The stuffed pigeon & duck are two major highlights of the local food chart. You can try a sip of fresh guava juice known throughout the world for its class.

Weather calling you

The climate here is very much soothing with primarily two seasons only i.e. summer and winter. Throughout the year you will find clear sky and the weather being hot and dry.

Culture and its influence

The culture brings out the real identify of any place. This is a place filled with tranquility, peace and brotherhood in the lap of Mother Nature. The friendly bonding which the local people profess warms the whole scene of this beautiful town.

In case you have not yet finalized your holiday, just give a second thought about this place you won’t regret for sure.

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