We’re learning how to do Japanese sign language we are about to leave our hotel we’re gonna go check out the Hiroshima bomb site today although this bed looks lovely we slept right there my back is killing me like your slips. I don’t know seven days in a row now on the on the floor. So we’re on the hiroshima tour bus we’re gonna be dropped off an atomic bomb site is vulture museum this is the front of the memorial here in Hiroshima, and we’re gonna start our tour, and part of what happened, and how it affected the lives of the people here in Hiroshima should be really interesting the photo taken six kilometers 15 minutes after the explosion, and look six kilometers away this is people here, and they just see this massive cloud that’s incredible, and within two kilometers of the bomb was immediately turned to rubble, and just flattened the bomb was detonated 600 metres above the ground, and created a fireball large enough to basically wipe out this entire area, and you can see the structure left standing or just the massive ones all the trees are gone.

So there is a replica of the bomb, and it’s only four meters long, and we need four tons. So extremely tiny when you consider it did all this to Hiroshima totally leveled two kilometers in diameter, and is much much more damage in the long run too. So that tricycle which is completely shard is was found over 1.

5 kilometers from where the bomb epicenter was. So basically the main strike point, and yet you see it’s just totally destroyed it’s interesting. So when there’s a blast obviously creates pressure.

So the wind comes towards. But then. I guess.

Because there’s an empty void the pressure comes back towards it. So it almost creates like a second explosion. But in the opposite direction.


So you can see here there’s a house just standing the blast goes off, and then it actually comes back. Because the pressure has equalized. So one of the worst parts of the atomic bomb is the fact that it releases nuclear energy, and radiation into the sky, and basically gets evaporated, and then rains back down spreading the radiation since you even within a week after the bombs gone off you radiation levels were down to one millionth of the original level.

So the radiation basically wore off quite quickly today there is no effect on the human bodies of the radiation levels in Hiroshima are negligible this is the walls of a house after the first rain, and the rain was basically a lock from all the radiation that had been released into the sky talks about how the black rain basically anywhere it fell it led to death there’s when if it landed in the pond it would kill all the fish people who drank any of the black rain would have area for up to three months, and obviously even worse things could happen, and some people are so desperate for water there’s a statue of basically Japanese people drinking from black rain news. Because there were just no other sources of water it showed some of the deformities that were caused by the exposure to radiation, and the black rain, and it showed you know little kids developing purple spots everywhere people’s eyes becoming orange tongues just becoming deformed just everything you can imagine it’s.

So twisted to see what radiation can do to the body. But it talked a lot about young kids developing cancer. So just a lot of lasting effects you havin to cure FEMA there’s a follow up, and basically it says here that after the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima kind of led to the nuclear arms race between russia USA a few other countries, and now they have a bomb that’s three thousand three hundred times greater than the a bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima it’s called a hydrogen bomb.

So if that’s what happened to Hiroshima. I can’t even imagine what a hydrogen bomb would do to the world. So this building here is the epicenter of where the bomb went off.

And I guess just. Because it was built in a different way it managed to stay standing. Because everything else was leveled to the ground.

But you can just see how two hollowed-out shell of white it used to be crazy they’ll be, and it’s just in front of the building there’s a cat coughing up a hairball oh there we go. So I just read, and the reason that this building’s still standing despite being the epicenter of the explosion is actually. Because the bomb detonated 600 meters above the ground.

So half of half a mile like a kilometer above ground. And Because it was actually directly on top of this building here instead of blasting you know to the side or pushing sideways it actually pushed directly down. And So the building obviously was able to withstand downward pressure whereas the sideways pressure would knock out walls, and make buildings completely collapse.

So that’s the reason this thing is still standing we are heading back to the train station, and today we’re going to go to Osaka which is our last stop of our tour across Japan enjoying our last few days of our massive trip across Asia, and then right Abby. And I look like homeless people crashing high-end department store. I just bought my mom.

So Mikimoto pearl earrings well she paid for them. But she loves pearl earrings, and Japan’s place to get cultured pearls. So Mickey Moto’s like the originator of the cultured pearl.

I’ve never in my life met a more respectful culture than the Japanese. I just bought these pearl earrings from my Mikimoto store, and both the service managers who were helping me out walked me all the way from the fourth floor down to the first floor, and then they like. I had to put my passport away.

So I’m like waiting at the front putting everything away, and they’re just waiting there cuz like they’re taught out of respect to just like wait around, and make sure you’re sent off politely, and the entire time they’re just smiling, and thanking me like it’s like it sounds a bit much. But it’s actually just like such an incredibly kind gesture, and it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Because you’re just not used to having that home like.

I’ve never in my life felt like. I literally felt like. I bought like a car they they were.

So respectful. But definitely one of the nice things about Japan all the people are just fantastic here we are looking good with two bags you got another bag now Ubuntu maker go to the bakery we have just arrived here in Osaka, and we are lost, and that is a climbing wall at that cool climbing wall classy very very suave. So outfit of the day it’s a Lululemon workout shirt workout shorts with mustard stain, and flip-flops.

And I’ve worn these for two, and a half days, and from now yeah goals Abby don’t let her deceive you underneath that there must be something she’s worn multiple then why are these pans like a five-time yep their hotel it’s fancy as f we have a church inside of our hotel or like some sort of a church replica. So tell is goals ohmygosh though there’s so many minions we’re in the little shopping area here in osaka, and i’ll soccers a lot more like tokyo it’s actually quite a big city, and way more commercialized than Kyoto Kyoto is very small, and more on the cultural side less in the city, and Hiroshima also quite small comparatively back in the massage chairs Wow thank you dr.

Air for having us here today the heated back seat this is excellent. Because in amazing salesman Katie’s, and deciding whether she wants oh the ABS – this is exactly how I pictured Japan me this is.

So cool lights people dizziness excitement oh my gosh there is a moving crab a mechanized crab up on the wall this is heaven this is where. I was meant to be welcome to Osaka. And I don’t know any much pad.

So this is like really surprising me talking subtly killing the expectations. I need one of those corn dogs Hey there’s like a like a 30-foot bowling pin up there of hundreds of feet it’s oh my gosh in Japan you can rent a nice comfortable seat by a screen a nice computer monitor likely done by men. I’m sure you can figure out why they’ve sitting in front of a computer, and yeah you can rent the room to yourself.

So that’s perfect we also have near our hotel. We’ve got a place made for couples. Because I guess in Japan people can’t really afford to get their own places, and they don’t really move in together before marriage.

So there’s a place where you can rent for a few hours some people say it’s sleeping some people say it’s for other things the machines down the hallway sell dildos, and you know things you put on your genitalia. So I’m not going to say it’s for sleeping it’s probably for other things. But that’s new our place um like dots.

But better these are so good mark is full invictus mark already laws please you know over, and then you can pop over learn from your mistakes mark no now you gotta use the other one move forward move forward yep Oh boom bada bing boom bada bing yeah you got this you got this you got Larry that’s not meant to be one yeah this is slot mania.

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