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Like all parents, if you are reading this then you are probably worried that something awful will happen to your child’s teeth whilst you are on vacation. Let’s be honest: when you are a parent, you are always a little bit frightened that something awful will happen to your child, even if they are just asleep in front of you! That fear never goes away, and when you start to venture into the unknown, that is when things start to get very stressful. This is especially true for those parents who have children that become very agitated and distressed when they have to go to the dentist. How, you ask yourself, will they ever deal with having to be seen by a dentist that they do not know, if the occasion arises?

Put quite simply, they will just have to and that means that as their parent, you will as well. You can visit a holistic dentist, who will take into account the child’s emotional wellbeing. You may also decide that it is in your best interests, and in the best interests of your child, if you talk them through how things will be slightly different whilst you are away from home. You can explain that you will eat in different restaurants, sleep in a different bed, and you may even see a different dentist there too. Make sure that you do not impress this as a likely event; just tell them that it could happen.

Your next port of call is to have a list of three, if not five, child-friendly dentists that are going to be in the area where you are going to travel. Having their direct phone numbers on hand at all time will definitely alleviate some of your worries. That way, you know that should the very worst happen, you at least have the contact details of people that will be able to help you and child at once.

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