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We’re on our way to the airport, it’s our last day here in Cebu well not even good morning. And then we head off to Paulo on. So our flights gonna be about our flights about an hour a little over.

And then we’ll be in Pelham. And then we are gonna take out six-hour bus up to El Nido. And El Nido is supposed to be like the most beautiful place in the world those voted one of the people are the best island in the world into authority.

So look forward to see some if. I die while traveling it would have been in the back of that taxi. I’ve never been such an aggressive taxi drivers barley he was honking at stopped traffic.

And then as soon as he had the slightest break he to rip like. I am glad we made it. And I don’t plan to ever get back in that car he was honking at nothing.

So for the third time we have a key I’ll see. So we have extra legroom legroom for days awesome especially on the air that asian airplane CQ visitors. So compact they’re really budget.

Map of El Nido, Palawan Photo Gallery

And especially my knees are like pushed up against the French air. So this is a nice change she also had to deal way overweight baggage. And that was really stressful quirements but basically they were gonna make us pay about $30 but we got really lucky actually.

I think the manager just felt bad for us gave us a free voucher welcome to the world’s number one island, we’re actually not on the island but, we’re taking a bus now to go to el nido which is the world’s number one island for about two. And a half hours. And two hour drive up, we’re taking a little Express take five maybe this we.

I don’t know yeah. I know about three hours no, it’s okay, it’s semi comfortable we took gravel which is like a stomach relax. And I guess but what it does is it makes you really tired.

So. I’ve been sleeping pretty much a little time. And yeah this is where we are now, it’s really really pretty here the entire day traveling today here’s our room for 20 Canadian dollars maybe a little bit more but Philippines is a bit expensive for hostels.

And hotels right well. I mean that’s Southeast Asian comparisons of course but, it’s quite nice, it’s got a balcony we around private bathroom one we ever buy the beach right now. And Abby.

And I are gonna call it a night pretty soon, we’re just having some fried rice. And chicken before going to bed. And from there we will see what happens oh my gosh lightning.

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