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Part of staying safe on the road is avoiding dangerous drivers. These 10 U.S. cities are the most dangerous places to drive, with the highest rates of collisions, fatalities, and DWI incidents in the nation.

From spring break to summer vacation, car trips are an important American tradition. Yet your next car trip could give you a brush with danger if your route passes through any of these cities, ranked as the 10 most dangerous for U.S. drivers in an annual survey by auto insurer Allstate.

1. Worcester, MA – Greater Boston area drivers have earned dubious top honors, with the worst drivers in the U.S. The central Massachusetts city of Worcester, located about one hour west of Boston, has a rough combination of rude and distracted pedestrians and drivers, leading to a most dangerous commute for all.

2. Boston, MA – Boston drivers have had a bad rap for years, but data from Allstate reveals that it’s deserved. Boston residents, or “Massholes” as they call themselves proudly, are the second most dangerous drivers in the U.S. On average, greater Boston drivers get into one car accident every four years.

3. Washington, D.C. – Once the most dangerous city for U.S. drivers, Washington D.C. has gotten somewhat better in the past couple of years. Drivers in the city got into one car accident every 4.8 years on average, according to a 2013 survey by Allstate — that’s still more than twice as often as the national average of one accident every 10 years.

4. Springfield, Massachusetts – Proving that you’re in danger in pretty much any city that the Massachusetts Turnpike passes through before it hits the relative safety of New York State, the Western Massachusetts city of Springfield took the number four slot for dangerous driving.

5. Providence, RI – Tiny Rhode Island’s capital rounded out the top 5 and cemented New England’s reputation for terrible driving. Sudden lane changes and left exits on I-95 as it passes through the city may play a role in distracting drivers; the city’s notoriously awful roadways, which rank among the worst in the country, also cause their share of auto accidents.

6. Baltimore, MD – While the city’s drivers had fewer driver and pedestrian deaths than other “top 10” worst driving cities, the overall rate of collision earned Baltimore the number 5 spot. Baltimore residents get in one car accident every 5.4 years on average, which again makes them nearly twice as likely to be in a car crash as the nation’s drivers.

7. Glendale, CA – Residents of this Southern California city are not only the most dangerous drivers in the Golden State, they are the worst drivers on the entire West Coast. Glendale is near Los Angeles, and drivers there get into one car accident every 5.5 years on average.

8. Alexandria, VA – A commuter city just outside Washington, D.C., Alexandria is home to 150,000 people who get into a car accident every 5.9 years on average. Poor roadway signage and drivers making illegal turns complicate the landscape not only for other drivers but for pedestrian traffic, which can be very heavy in places.

9. Philadelphia, PA – While Philadelphia has the ninth worst drivers in the U.S., things could get worse. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, city police are citing fewer drivers and making fewer outstanding warrant arrests than in the past, which means that more of the city’s known “dangerous drivers” remain on the roads, putting drivers and pedestrians in danger.

10. New Haven, CT – New Haven rounds out the 10 most dangerous cities for drivers. Its residents experience one car accident every six years on average. Poor roadways, congested highways and lots of pedestrian traffic combine to give this Connecticut city a bad rap for drivers.

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