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As the sun begins to fade on yet another summer, many people begin to settle into their usual lives. Kids are heading back to school, the leaves are all beginning to change colors, and the long evenings spent lounging leisurely outdoors have given way to hectic schedules. However, for some, the fall marks the beginning of yet another incredible camping season. Unfortunately, for many, getting an actual bus style RV to travel about the country in style is out of the question. The cost in staggering, the maintenance is expensive and most require the driver to have special driver’s licenses.

However, having a recreational vehicle for camping is still attainable. This is where travel trailers or fifth wheels come into play. Each has it own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at few of them.

Travel Trailers

Generally speaking, in order to be classified as a travel trailer, the RV will range from around 16′-35’in length. Traditional silver airstream trailers are included in this category as well as many other models.

Benefits of a Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are extremely popular in the RV world. As a matter of fact, they actually comprise around 80% of all Travel Trailers Utah sold. They are immensely popular for a number of reasons, including:

Wide range of tow vehicles – For the most part, you can tow just about any travel trailer you’re your everyday vehicle, assuming it has more than 4 cylinders and a tow hitch. Of course, you need to review the towing capacity of your vehicle and the weight of the trailer you choose. This makes it ideal for weekend warrior campers as well as those looking for a way to travel around the country on a more permanent basis and want to have the convenience of an everyday vehicle for exploration purposes.

Better fuel economy – Because the travel trailer has a lower profile than most other RVs, including fifth wheels, you get better fuel economy. In addition, you can use a more fuel efficient vehicle to tow it with, making it a very economical choice.

Lower Cost – Touring Coaches Salt Lake City are considerably less expensive than fifth wheel trailers, up to $10,000 less on average.

Benefits of a 5th Wheel

Of course, when it comes to luxury, a fifth wheel trailer can’t be beat. They cater to the needs of those who spend more time on the road as they are generally larger and have more amenities. In most cases, you can find fifth wheel trailers ranging in size from 25′ to 45′.

Spacious living area – as mentioned previously, fifth wheel trailers tend to offer more living space. They offer more headroom, which is important for taller travelers. Some are tall enough to accommodate ceiling fans.

More stable ride – Because they are larger and heavier than travel trailers, they require a stouter vehicle to tow them as well as a special hitching system. All of these elements combined produce a smoother ride with less sway.

Luxury – Fifth wheel trailers offer the utmost in luxury travel, second only to more traditional bus style RVs. They provide many of the same benefits of their much more expensive cousins, but for much less. Some models will even have a hot tub.

Travel Trailers Utah are a popular way to spend time with your family all year long. Come and see the vast inventory of
Touring Coaches Salt Lake City at Intermountain Airstream today.

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