Are you guys ready it is day number two here for some Cod, and the days off to an extremely late start it’s like 4:00 p.m. right now we went out last night, and that’s the reason it’s 4:00 p.

M. right now. But as you can see it’s a beautiful day let’s lock, and load, I’ll show you guys what’s going on.

So I unfortunately lost my GoPro with my entire narration for the day but, I’ll fill in a few bits, and pieces here, and there today’s blog is going to be mainly cinematic a whole lot of slow-motion, and a whole lot of fun the Thai New Year is a three day water festival where literally everyone young, and old come to the streets have an incredible water fight. So why do people have a three day water fight the idea is that the water is a cleansing getting ready for the new year or as. I like to call it new year new year put your arm around when you decide today start off by meeting your group of ten to twelve travelers from all across the globe the way we met each other they split into IBM diem this is still M Street he believes the busiest street you can go down during songs on thousands of people come down here with their water guns their buckets their spray bottles, and a great attitude we spent the next two hours going down Ceylon Street bring anyone we could see, and receiving just as much this is one of the rare times may actually be cold in bangkok song time is the time to be a pilot after we got tired of receiving fire we went off Sofitel party.


And I didn’t tell you. But we’re actually meeting over there don’t already know who Eric is it’s also a blogger he does daily blogs almost daily we just found a little hole in the wall high restaurant we’re going to get some fried rice chicken marketing potpie. And I just got some funny.

I love Thai food here we are ordering the most generic. But still Thai food just makes my day every day you can find good food anywhere in this country it’s incredibly affordable it’s really cool being here right now though. Because I used to live 10 minutes away, and every day.

I go to school. I would actually pass by scope itself on my bike, and just like there’s. So many memories that.

I have here right being in the city. I really love Bangkok lastly god. I am.

So thankful we have had over 1,000 people now come, and sign up for the mailing list through to get lost CalPERS website marked the beginning of many more travel guides it will be available outside of my blog if you guys are interested if you’re coming to Thailand check it out down below it will give you everything you need before alright. So we just got back to the know Hotel here in Salone, and given already seen this thing this is our room. We’ve been staying here for two nights now.

And We’ve got one more to go as somebody who makes posts for a living there’s something. I’ve been neglecting for a little too long now, and today is the day that we finally fix that good morning hi more like good afternoon cuz. I’m good Gary sugar tea you watch the office learning day 13 it literally is my favorite show ever yes me done no no no.

I cannot the hotel insists that we wait inside while they get the cow for us, and just like that. I think did it couple in chopped thank you very much see you later bumps through them as you guys know. I’ve always obsessed over the visual quality of the posts that.

I make. I love getting the latest, and greatest camera gear. Because I really think that it makes the post more intimate, and more interactive now the one thing like.

I kind of hinted to earlier. I’ve been neglecting is audio quality we’re going to sort that out we sell microphone Michael audio test one two three one through three, and boom we are set up with a brand new mic. I just got basically the best mic you can possibly get for this kind of camera setup without carrying around a giant ass boom.

I couldn’t possibly handle any bigger of a mic from this my camera is already pretty intrusive, and now it’s like got another maybe three inches at it on top the microphone that. I’ve got attached right now is the post mic Pro by Road. I was a little bit sketched out about buying it at the store that.

I bought it at. But they were the only ones that had it you always run the risk that you could be buying counterfeit goods counterfeit goods when you’re buying from MDK you never really know they sell tons of fake stuff here. And I didn’t want my rode mic being one of those things though.

I actually registered it online just now. So I’ve confirmed it’s authentic. I got it on the fifth floor there’s lots of camera stores up there.

And I bought from them quite a bit. So they’re for the most part all good. So we should film a little cheaper alright guys.

So we just bumped into these guys here, and they’re from the same province as. I am back home Grayden Jayden. And I’m ridin haha yeah the only time people get confused yes the riders actually blogging here you’ve got the exact things that if.

I started with yeah. I have an important to do some bring a prize in physiology biology Jack. I’m like you gotta put in creating Staters are you blogging as well just a pretty face yeah somebody who’s never been like a film student or coming from any sort of like a post background.

I always thought that people didn’t really care about audio. I thought the audio was probably like the last thing of importance after visuals of course. And I still kind of feel that way like.

I feel like people would rather see a beautiful post with mediocre audio rather than you know incredible audio, and mediocre post footage. But the more. I’m trying to upgrade everything it was a logical step to get the best audio possible.

And I want to know what you guys think you appreciate having really high quality audio or is just something that doesn’t matter you. I find that my blog is almost becoming like a camera arm rig like it used to be acceptable just to blog using those tiny little point shoots, and now you see most bloggers are rocking these like 4,000 5,000 dollars Sony setup or Canon setups or whatever they’ve got. I mean it makes the production quality that much better.

But at the end of the day. I think like. I’ve always been a firm believer that if you have a good storyline that is the most important part if.

I look at some of my most successful posts from a year ago people weren’t following. Because of the audio or the post it was all films with the hero4 silver a GoPro, and it was. So shaky.

Because I had no stabilizer. I had no external microphone you’d often hear that really annoying wind noise was like soon yet people still seem to be interested in following the adventures. I think my biggest takeaway it would be don’t be discouraged by your setup get started now even if it’s with a GoPro or with the camera that’s on the back of your phone you’d be surprised the incredible footage you can shoot, and you learn.

So much in those formative stages. I think that’s what we’re doing tonight you see that little thing up there one of the best things in Thailand is how affordable it is to get a massage you can get them done pretty much anywhere. I mean the more you pay is better than massage the Novotel hotel has been.

So gracious as to set up a massage for us or right across the street let us you talked ourselves energize ourselves maybe we should call it it is night time here in Gotham City, and now. I’m just kindred stone Bangkok trusted playing we’re gonna head up right there we’re going to show you the world all this open bar right now. I’m really testing the microphone if you can hear me well that’s the power of the microphone.

Because it is freakin loud. So what do you think is a camera a little bit overkill. I don’t know is it compensating for something Oh Charley there you go two girls.

I can tell if you like not XY right fancy pants you ready to rock. I am reducer on we’re going to LeDoux right now which is a Sky Bar. I’m kind of scared.

Because we’re like dressed nice. I’m just hoping we don’t get wet. Because that was Chuck but.

I think we can make it there without getting wet when cross street. So it’s gonna be a challenge. But see if we could do it fikret across the challenge begin we’re gonna think of it like a post games we’re gonna avoid getting hit it’s like when you’re a kid, and you played lava you put like the mattresses, and the pillows on the ground you have to jump from place to place otherwise you hit the lava the same thing except we’re trying to stay dry, and everyone with water guns is the lava fine as long as we don’t get wet including the camera.

So despite telling you guys the advantage of having high quality audio. I don’t know if they’ll let me bring in this camera with there being a massive microphone, and it already looking like a professional camera that’s the downsides of this camera sometimes businesses will be like aw you can’t come in here. Because it looks like you’re filming for commercial use, and technically.

I kind of am. So mic is being taken off if you’re wondering why the audio sounds like it usually does you’re literally in the stratosphere jerk booze no does expect a drink are not cheap. But they’re actually cheaper than I’d like for the cocktails it’s around 700.

I get around you plus 20 US dollars but I thought it was like 30 us for drinking. So I guess if the savings know it’s expensive you know that when you’re coming here.

But also wear proper clothing you can’t get in with shorts as. I found out last time. I actually got rejected by going up.

But it’s a cool thing to do get one cocktail check out the view, and then you know move on to something else watch baby watch baby. I got it like that watch baby watch baby look. So I got it like that suggestion question people want to know is there like at it like.

So we just got down from the Lulu estate tower it’s actually exactly what. I expected it’s my least favorite of all the sky bars that. I’ve seen thus far.

I preferred red sky. And I prefer Ock tape it’s just really touristy now. I didn’t mention it before we went up there.

But that is actually the dive bar where they film the hangover 2, and that’s kind of one of the reasons as well-known that’s one of the reasons there’s a bit of a buzz around it. And I would say that if you want to experience a more casual environment where you don’t feel like you’re forced to buy a drink, and being scurried off as soon as you’ve done your drink go to the other ones. Because this one unless you’re dropping hundreds of dollars on a nice meal you’re going to feel like a bit of it’s like a number you know you feel like they want you out of there as soon as.

We’ve done buying drinks, and drinks aren’t that cheap. So mixed reviews. But beautiful view as you better come back when you’re sixty four floors up drawers doors up yeah let’s get back to the Novotel luckily it’s like a two minute walk away as long as we don’t get wet such we could paint sexy later after the third, and final song Tron day.

I’m ready for a good rest it’s been an awesome three days, and if you’re coming to Thailand. I really recommend that you try to aim it. So that you come around this period you get here anywhere from April 13th to 50 you’ll get to experience this for yourself if you guys are coming to Thailand also check out my Thailand post guide it’s linked down below it’s linked to all my Thailand blogs.

I’m really proud of it. And I think it will be a lot of use to you guys without further ado let’s get lost again tomorrow when we go to the island.

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